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Vale Neil Armstrong

I feel incredibly sad at this news and also incredibly grateful that the man who was first to step upon another planetary body was a genuinely humble man who had no taste for the limelight after his three short hours walking on the moon.

Mere words are not enough Comrades


  1. Brian says:

    Well said Iain.
    Neil Armstrong was a hero to my sons, as John Glenn and even Yuri Gagarin were to my generation. More than that, he was a gentleman who didn’t use his fame as a platform. One thing I admired about him was his refusal to engage with, debate or comment on the moon landing conspiracy nutters. Which given what Armstrong had achieved, must have taken some determination.
    RIP indeed.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    He was no more a hero than that other Armstrong on the bike. I don’t mean to disparage him but Neil Armstrong didn’t exactly go to the moon by himself, nor was he responsible for the space program. The US could have chosen any of scores of astronauts to take the mission and the first steps on the lunar surface. When President Kennedy said “We will put a man on the moon” he put the emphasis on “we” not on the individual. The achievement did not belong to one man but to the American nation and I’m pretty sure that Armstrong himself saw it that way too.

  3. Brian says:

    Very true Ray. But a lot of other men would have ridden their fame and celebrity for a lifetime. Neil Armstrong wasn’t like that. As Iain says, he was very humble. Unlike the “other Armstrong” you refer to.

  4. GD says:

    Of course Armstrong didn’t orchestrate the Moon landing, but he did facilitate it with his heroic landing of the LEM. He could have f*cked up, but he didn’t. To compare him to a bike rider is absurd. The man deserves respect and adulation for what is possibly the greatest achievement in modern times.

    Only a fool would point out that other people helped. I’m reminded of Obama’s ridiculous statement ‘you didn’t build that’.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    It’s more than ‘other people helped’. It’s ‘other people were 99.99% responsible’.

    And I’m not comparing him to Larmstrong the drug cheat – I’m simply saying that neither are ‘heroes’ in the true sense of the word. Narmstrong was a great astronaut/pilot. So was the Qantas pilot who saved his plane from crashing and saved lives. They’re not heroes though, they’re just good people doing a good job.

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