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Herald Sun intern slips under editor’s fingernails

A well argued piece that I think worthy of wider currency. The young woman was both naive and running with her own political agenda. I disagree with your suggestion that the Herald Sun should have just copped in on the chin and ignored the so called expose.
Cheers Comrades


It is not every day a university student tries to show up a newspaper powerhouse. But that’s what Sasha Burden attempted when she condemned the corporate culture of The Herald Sun following her internship at the organisation. On face value, I love Sasha. She is an Arts student majoring in Media and Communications at the University of Melbourne, hoping to pursue a career in journalism. What’s more, she clearly has a passion for keeping the mainstream media accountable. She is me but without the really cool and popular blog. Having said that, I think there is more to this story than meets the eye.

It’s fair to say The Herald Sun is the punch line of many jokes amongst the Melbourne University’s Media and Communications cohort; and for the most part, these jokes are pretty funny. Burden has taken this to a whole new level though; she published an article…

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  1. Richard Ryan says:

    Andrew Bolt the pin-up boy of the Herald Sun, is a media gossip there—–from what I hear, a real arse hole, who thinks he rules the roost down there.

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