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A short rant about the unrealistic and horribly sanctimonious Greens

The Greens have always been a bunch of sanctimonious posturers keen to claim the moral high ground but what I find really offensive in their campaign about asylum seekers is their contention that we are responsible for the safety at sea of anyone who hops on a rickety boat from the moment that they board that vessel in Indonesia.

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Its not only the Greens deserve our admonishment here but also the Gillard government who were hoping that notice of the loss of these people would stay off the radar and the blood would not be perceived to be dripping from Gillard’s hands. To be entirely frank on this occasion I don’t think that its fair for the Greens or any other minions  of the left to lay any blame at the feet of any Australian for the apparent loss of life on this unnamed boat. The people who took to this mode of transport took a gamble and they lost big  time. But if the Greens want to blame anyone where is their criticism of Indonesia? Because its more likely that this boat was lost within their rescue zone and on their watch. Can I dare suggest that the Greens are in fact being rather racist to imply that because we are a first world nation that we have a global responsibility to provide search and rescue services to our near neighbour even though they are a maritime nation with thousands of islands and a navy of their own?

Make no mistake the ocean is big and it can be very difficult indeed to find an intact boat when it is in distress the chances of finding survivors form one that has sunk is orders of magnitude more difficult even if you have some idea of where they sunk . For the likes of Sarah Hansen young and  Christine Milne to dare criticise the Australian navy (even just by implication) for not finding a boat that has not even sent out a distress call is just down right insulting and utterly  reprehensible.

Ah well if there is any good that can come out of this incident its the possibility that more people will see the Greens for the sanctimonious wankers that they so obviously are and as a result their support at the next poll will decline.

Rant over  Comrades


  1. deknarf says:

    The Greens have finallly shown themselves to be extremist, fanatic ideologues. Their behaviour related to the refugee issue showed this. A total lack of flexibility and a mindless adherence to fanciful, unrealistic policy. The Hanson-Young crocodile tears, and Milne’s display in the interview on the ABC where the icing on the crazy cake!
    While I may not agree with your politics Ian, the quicker we rid ourselves of the extremists, both right and left, the better!
    I’m now wondering whether Brown saw the writing on the wall and exited when he realised that the party was being taken over by extremism!

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    There’s no doubt that Australia would have done something about this missing boat if it had known about it. The fact is it didn’t know the boat was missing and the complaint from the Palestinians is only about their so-called ‘failure’ to respond to what was actually a very belated request by the Palestinian government itself. Young & Milne had no business criticising the Australian govt over this and should have kept their mouths shut. Their sanctimony is clearly a reaction for being bypassed over the off-shore processing changes supported by the two majors. More & more the Greens are becoming entirely irrelevant.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Dead right Ray

  4. damage says:

    Greens? Why do we even bother. See the lerned one’s now using racist abuse and taunts to smear those who don’t agree with his particularly unbalenced views on marriage. The greens are a pack of vermin and should have their vile agendas treated with contempt.

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