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This is disgusting!



I completely mis-read this article. Thanks for the heads-up, Ray, Leon and Brian.




  1. deknarf says:

    The law is an interesting beast,
    it does so much more when you expect the least.
    The Bond defence: “I can’t recall’,
    is superseded by the ‘curiosity’ call!
    The prisoner gives a pathetic excuse,
    to accept them? Well? ‘The law’s a goose’!

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    You do realise don’t you, GD, that it would be the defence lawyer who has made that assertion of ‘curiousity’, not the ABC, the judge or indeed the ALP government? I think you’re seeing ‘Reds under your bed’ again.

  3. Hang on. The judge has not ruled that Muirhead was just curious. In fact, he said he was not going to make such a finding unless the court was presented with evidence. Of course, the principle of natural justice means that any such evidence should be heard before the judge makes a finding on the facts.

  4. Brian says:

    An ABC presenter is caught downloading thousands of child porn pics. What does ‘our’ ABC do? They prefer to look the other way.

    Hmm, I googled “Andy Muirhead” + “porn” at “abc.net.au” and got 459 hits. How many should there be for the ABC to be not “looking the other way”?

    Not only does ‘our’ ABC downplay the seriousness of this man’s actions, the Labor-appointed judiciary supports him with a mealy-mouthed get-out-of-jail card free with the assertion that this paedophile was merely ‘curious’.

    Firstly, the story refers to an argument being made by Muirhead’s lawyers; the judge has not yet made a ruling. Secondly, Justice Ewan Crawford was appointed to the bench in 1988 by the Liberal State government of Tasmania.

    Try a little research before posting, or at least put some thought into what you are writing.

  5. Iain Hall says:

    G D
    we all make mistakes in the way that read news items sometimes but good on you for admitting your error, better luck next time mate

  6. Richard Ryan says:

    GD does not make mistakes—he is infallible like the Pope.

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