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Julia Gillard’s golden prospects in semantic gymnastics

yep I’m on a first name basis with our PM

In another place I have been discussing the level of respect afforded to our current PM and I have been making the argument that ours is a rather informal society and that our leaders themselves promote that informality. No one in the United States would dare address a sitting or former President by their first name unless they were specifically invited to do so because they have a long tradition of revering the office of president itself. Here in this country it is entirely alien to genuflect to our leaders in any way at all. Frankly I think that it makes our leaders much more grounded that the ordinary people wont stand for the sort of obsequious deference that is common elsewhere.

But I will draw readers attention to the deliberate lie at the end of Julia’s missive> where she tells me that the 9% rise in  electricity prices is “fully compensated” maybe for those individuals who are under a certain threshold there is “compensation” but there are many Australians who don’t qualify for this largess who will be paying that extra 9% without a single cent of “compensation” So I ask you dear readers how can our PM be believed when she claims that the rise Is “fully compensated”?

Oh yeah that’s right we can believe her because she did give us that sincere promise before the last election “there will be no Carbon Tax under a government that I lead”  Yeah well its obvious that she is just continuing in the same vein in all of her other political pronouncements and that we can expect the most convoluted semantic gymnastics from Julia and her barrackers . Now if only  semantic gymnastics were an Olympic event  then this country would have wall to wall Gold thanks entirely to Julia Gillard.

Cheers Comrades

 Gold in Semantic Gymnastics!!!!





  1. GD says:

    While electricity prices have risen for many reasons: power poles, wires or just sheer greed from our now privatised power companies, the fact remains that this hapless, incompetent government has added an extra 10% impost for no reason other than bloody-minded socialist green propaganda.

    There is no way that this carbon tax will do anything to change the climate, and there is no way that this carbon tax will force someone to invent something that will take the place of fossil fuels.

    The Greenies are dreaming, they are destroying our economy for the sake of their twisted pagan, Earth-worshipping ideology.

    And Gillard and Co have been hooked, line and sinker.

    We live in dangerous and desperate times when a Labor government cares more for an ideology than for the people they once represented.

    Shame, Labor, shame.

  2. Richard Ryan says:

    GD—GET a life, or go and get a job—-your boyfriend is getting jealous —-spending too much time on the internet I hear. Just had an in-law who just died, carried on the same as you, told the wife of his don’t forget the” carbon tax “for the burning of his carcass, she was not impressed, won’t be going to the burning, too much carbon in the air, they say don’t speak ill of the dead, I do, snigger, snigger snigger-snigger. The shame of it all.

  3. Richard Ryan says:

    GD: Lord Haw-Haw of this blog-site!

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Have you gone off your meds Richard?

  5. Richard Ryan says:

    NO! Just telling it as it is—–as for Bolts “Free Speech” mantra the Nazi Gas Chambers, started with finger pointing and name calling of the Jewish Race. My cross hairs are on Terminal Bolt.

  6. GD says:

    He’s off his meds and his rocker. Is there a doctor in the house? Or a psychiatrist?

  7. Iain Hall says:

    You know what GD There are not many arguments that would make me support retrospective abortion but Richard’s comments come awful close.

  8. Richard Ryan says:

    Have you heard about the Irish Abortion clinic? There’s a 12 month waiting list.

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