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I read the non subscription version of this and its a wonderful example of self delusion fro Robert Manne the sad thing is that Manne seems to believe the crap he sprouts on this issue even though his entire argument is a rather shallow appeal to authority.
Cheers Comrade


Ouch. He does it again ….

Robert Manne, in a new essay in The Monthly, clearly cannot help himself, indulging in yet another tanty against climate sceptics, presumably to save the world yet again. As Jo Nova so beautifully explains, “Manne’s argument appears to rest entirely on his mistaken belief that “science” is What The Gods Declare it To Be.”

I had learned many years ago — indeed I was taught — that a mark of an academic is to be able to argue both sides of an argument. Professor Manne has too often demonstrated publicly that he has not even a scintilla of this academic pre-requisitite.

Nova sums up Manne’s problem:

The sad thing about the “intellectual left” is that not only does Manne not understand how to do the maths, the sums, and the physics of the climate, but he’s not much good at the human insights into the…

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  1. damage says:

    They all “believe” Iain. Including some poor folk here.
    Now I have no objection to faith. I’m a man of faith myself, but when it stops being a matter of faith and becomes a matter of compulsion, the I take particular acception.
    By all means believe what you like as long as it hurts nobody. And by and large AWG faith hurts nobody. In fact I’d agree that it may even be good to draw the population’s attention to the need to create and maintain a sustainable future. However when there is a compulsion for the plenary indulgences of carbon credits and the like then all of us should be doing what ever we can to prevent it.

  2. GD says:

    by and large AWG faith hurts nobody

    While I agree with the rest of your quote, Mr D, I can’t agree with that statement. AGW paranoia has, and is costing Australia and the rest of the developed world big time. The green initiatives, while being admirable, as you say, have been so misguided as to the point of being a destructive force on modern economies and communities.

    It’s time the latte sipping do-gooders did some homework, some reflection on why their predictions have failed, why their projections have proved erroneous and why the whole AGW catastrophic scare campaign is falling like a deck of cards, as the weather and the climate refuses to play ball.

  3. damage says:

    GD as I pointed out, the faith is harmless – but the action ? Now that’s where the damage is being done. Like any religion or dogma, if it is practiced in the home then there’s no harm done, but once we have it forced on the rest of us – trouble. Imagine if we all had to be circumcised because a particular religion had created a panic in parliament. Those for gay marriage argue the exact same point about church and state. And they have a fair argument. But when the “church” is a green faith then it appears that it is acceptable from the left to force the extreme nature of their faith on the rest of us. It is the ACTION that’s harmful – no the faith.

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