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Clearly there is more than a little pain in this story for Julia Gillard and the government that she leads and that brings me great joy.
Cheers Comrades

Kangaroo Court of Australia

Ralph Blewitt who helped Julia Gillard’s partner Bruce Wilson rip off the AWU in the 1990’s says he will reveal all if he is given immunity from prosecution. This was revealed in The Australian on Friday in a front page story.

The story starts off: THE former union official and alleged bagman for a financial scandal linked to the then boyfriend of Julia Gillard wants to give evidence for the first time to police and prosecutors about his role and the conduct of others.

The Australian can reveal that Ralph Blewitt, a one-time branch head for the Australian Workers Union, is seeking immunity from criminal prosecution in return for breaking a 17-year silence and providing a statement to police. (Click here to read the full story)

The Australian have also run with the story again today (Saturday 4/8/12) The evidence to come out in the articles is nothing greatly…

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  1. penelope lennon (nee blewitt) says:

    ralph is a conman out to destroy others lives and make money for himself any way he can lock him up and throw the key away

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