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Kangaroo Court of Australia

NSW Magistrate Pat O’Shane is suing Alan Jones for saying that she “can deliver the most diabolical and wrong decisions in law, and they go through to the keeper”. I laughed when I read that because what Jones said about O’Shane would not even be considered an entree in relation to what I say on this site about other judicial officers. (Click here to read more)

I suppose the difference is that I generally accuse judicial officers of criminal conduct where as Jones is just making a broad statement about Pat O’Shane’s competence. Pat O’Shane’s handiwork is currently under review by the NSW Judicial Commission to determine if she should be sacked so I do not like her chances in any defamation case against Jones. (Click here to read more)

This to me is important to this site because I have never been sued for defamation, so as far…

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