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Who is dazed and confused? @MigloCW


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Well Migs this post is just for you.

Instead of going through comments like a forensic accountant I will instead go through your post in that manner

Dazed and Confused

Unable to lure the Government to the early election they have fought so hard for, the Opposition now comes across like a mob of dazed and confused rabbits caught in the headlights of a speeding media convoy. All of a sudden they have nowhere to run. Their incessant gibberish is desperate.

The politicians who are truly desperate are of course Julia Gillard and her motley crew who lurch from disaster to disaster with hardly a pause for breath in between, Their expectation that the introduction of the carbon tax and its attendant fiscal bribes would lift their fortunes in the polls has been a total failure, in fact I would suggest that never before has the pork barrel been so deeply dipped into with such a poor rise in the the government’s standing with the voters.

And that’s how they come across. A pack of rabbits running off in all directions with no leader to follow. Every decision contradicted. Lost for ideas.

Ok Migs let me take your Rabbit analogy just one step further. If the opposition are running rabbits then they are clearly a  more  healthy bunch than the rabbits in government who are all in the thrall of the Black rabbit of Inle and all ready to meet their maker.

But enough of the analogies (though they do behave as a dazed and confused party).

Yes that sums up the government most  succinctly 😉

Let’s examine this.

OK I’ll examine your examination 😉

Earlier this week Cory Bernardi was critical of the Government for providing assistance to families via ‘carbon tax’ rebates:

They’re sending tens of millions of dollars out to people that are just finding their way into poker machines rather than into areas in which they’re meant to assist families and communities.

That’s right, poker machines! Is he not aware that his party is vigorously opposed to pokie reforms? His ‘alleged’ leader addressed a rally side by side with Alan Jones who told the crowd that:

. . . the proposed pokies reforms would erode the nation’s social fabric.

“What happens when the local club is gone?” he asked.

“The social repercussions of mandatory pre-commitment are enormous”.

Mr Bernardi is confused. His party loves gamblers so he must obey. Oh how it must frustrate him that gamblers are only able to maintain the nation’s social fabric (as Jones would say) if the money for gambling comes from Labor Government rebates.

You miss the point of Cory’s criticism of the blatant pork barrelling “compensation” which is more about the poor cost benefit relationship between the payments and the subsequent improvement in the government’s standing.   The so called “pokies reform” was nothing of the sort and as such it was entirely reasonable to oppose something that would be so useless. That said I am totally unsympathetic to any sort of gambling no mater how much revenue it puts into Clubs or pubs or the government coffers.

I can see why he’s dazed.

Yes but only because of your confirmation bias 😉

As a duo, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are definitely confused. As I pointed out in my previous post, Tony Abbott was critical of the Gillard Government presiding over an interest rate rise in April by bleating:

The Federal Government’s economic policy is to blame for the latest interest rate hike . . .

Well isn’t it wonderful that the ‘hike’ has been reversed? But Joe Hockey doesn’t find it wonderful, fuming:

. . . the rate cut is a sign the Government has lost control of the economy.

“Again I state that we and all Australians who have home loans and small business loans would welcome this cut from the Reserve Bank but nothing here gives credit to the Government, in fact it’s the absolute opposite,” he said.

“The Reserve Bank is moving because the Government has lost control of the economy.”

One of them is confused, but more than likely both of them are confused. I’m confused as I thought the Liberal Party liked lower interest rates. John Howard told us so.

Gee you seem to be missing the simple and  sound point being made by Joe  that the government can’t claim credit for the result I see no confusion here at all  🙄

Mr Bernardi could make the situation even more confusing by nominating lower interest costs as a reason for more pokie gambling. Damn Labor!

Fortunately Labor are not in need of any more damnation than they are already experiencing from the voters  😉

The Tony and Joe team dazzle me with their contradictory statements, begging me to ask the question: Do they ever talk to each other? You may ask the same after hearing that Tony Abbott:

. . . gave “a categorical no”, when asked if he would raise the GST.

“We will not change the GST,” he told radio 2SM

Joe must never listen to his boss or 2SM because he turned around and said there was a case for it being raised. This is an issue that has them confused. Joe must be left in a daze.

How is that a contradiction? A case exits for altering any or all government charges and taxes but that does not oblige a party to change them. So both Tony and Joe are correct and not in anyway confused.

Tony Abbott may well be confused about many things, but thankfully, climate change isn’t one of those as it’s absolute crap.

Could someone please tell his party he’s not confused? Or could someone please tell Tony Abbott that his party is confused? Because . . . wait for it . . . in the same breath Tony wants a policy to address it and has debated himself on this very issue.

It has left him dazed.

You know hat Migs I agree with you that the colaition could do better on Climate Change policy by dropping in its entirety their direct action policy  however compared to Labor on this issue Tony Abbott absolutely Lucid. because he did not go to the people making an unequivocal promise that “there will be no carbon tax under a government that I lead”   the way that Gillard did.

Here’s more evidence.

On January 20 this year he admitted to South Australians he will slash $500 million in car industry grants. On the same day he says there’s “an abundance” of money available to car manufacturers and has committed the Coalition to maintaining $1 billion worth of subsidies for the automotive industry. He really is caught in the spotlight, isn’t he? He doesn’t know which way to run. Just follow his mouth.

Both sides of politics have  desire to maintain our manufacturing capabilities  and the point of debate here is how to do it what is confused is that  our esteemed author felt the need to use the same citation twice .

Sophie Mirabella is confused. She is upset that the nation’s 500 biggest polluters will be hit with the evil ‘carbon tax’ but anybody who witnessed her recent appearance on Q&A would be surprised that she has no problem with Tony Abbott introducing a paid parental leave scheme that will be funded by placing a levy on an estimated 2,500 companies. The scheme has been rejected by big business. This must leave Ms Mirabella slightly dazed.

Migs have you ever considered that the fact that business dislikes the parental  leave scheme is actaully evidence against the often made claim that the coalition is a servant of big business? In  any event do we want the only people to produce children to be the less well of and  unmotivated? I think not especially when its clear that motivated parents produce motivated children.

As is Andrew Robb, the appointed spokesperson given the job of fronting his boss to whisper in his ear that the scheme is a white elephant. He is confused as to why his ‘alleged’ leader wants to introduce a scheme that won’t work. This is another issue Mr Abbott shows no confusion:

“I am very, very proud to be the first leader of the Coalition to go to the people with a fair dinkum paid parental leave scheme and I’m proud to be the only leader who will be going into the next election with a fair dinkum paid parental leave scheme as part of our policy.”

Nobody else in his party wants it. They must all be left in a daze.

Having reservations about what will be possible after two terms of Labor in the Lodge  is just being prudent and unlike Labor the coalition actaully values being honest about what is possible and they have seen the folly of Gillard’s promise anything (like “no carbon tax” ) and then back flip as necessary when the Greens and Indies had hold of her short and curlies.

Malcolm Turnbull must also be confused.

Nearly two years after Tony Abbott vowed to tear down the beginnings of the national broadband network and to “demolish” it, the Coalition now says it will not roll back or cancel it, if it comes to power at the next election.

Shadow Minister for Communications and Broadband Malcolm Turnbull told IT Pro firmly this week: “No, the Coalition will not cancel or roll back the NBN. The NBN will continue to roll out but we will do so in a cost-effective manner in particular in built-up areas.”

He is confused because all of a sudden his ‘alleged’ leader is in favour of it. Or is he?

Now that the government has spent a huge amount of money on the NBN what would you expect the coalition to do? tear up the fibre optic cables? or try to get some value to the Australian people  by making the roll out more cost effective? No one doubts that the NBN has some merit what has always been in doubt has been its business model and the fact that it seems to be a Rolls Royce solution to a Ford problem

Which way does Malcolm run? Or does he run? Maybe he’ll be transfixed in the media spotlight like the rest of them . . . all dazed and confused. Continuing to talk gibberish.

Your conclusion contains the reason that you are fighting a straw man of your own imagination Migs. The opposition are not confused or dazed at all they ahve been focused and on message  for all of the time that Tony Abbott has been their leader. Whilst the government flounders on the issue that you have steadfastly ignored here which is the failure of Labor to address the issue of unauthorised arrivals by boat. Gillard has been reeling on this issue ever since she Knifed her predecessor and none of the so called bright lights in the Labor party dares to admit the shocking truth that coalition are right . Fortunately the people do know and admit that fact which is why they will choose Tony and his team to govern at the next  election at which point I will salute you for putting up such a spirited defence of the lost cause of Labor government, after all you will have a very long time to think about where they went wrong as they languish in the political wilderness for at least a decade.

Cheers Comrade Miglo



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