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Death Zone inescapable for Labor under Gillard as the party shows evidence of terminal hypoxia


Can Labor get out of the Death zone alive?

The thing about Ponzi schemes is that they all eventually collapse as the market runs out of idiots who believe the over  inflated claims about their efficacy and their ability to give their promised returns. Its the same with government sponsored “carbon trading” regimes which function on trying to create a “market based mechanism” to control the emissions from the burning of fossil fuel. Even if I were a believer in the AGW theory I would be baulking at schemes such as these because they are just too vague and abstract and they carry the clear potential to do nothing about emissions and worse still to enrich the undeserving Spivs and Shonks who  just love them. After all what these schemes  are is another derivatives market that is entirely disconnected from any real or  objective commodity. Its the perfect vehicle  for making a quick and very large profit.

Here in Oz we have the much hated Carbon dioxide  tax that is due to morph into an expensive trading scheme in 2014 its creators have predicated their scheme upon a cost per tonne that has essentially been plucked from the air however the market value of this ah hem, “commodity” is significantly below the AUD$23 per tonne that the Gillard scheme has as its starting point:

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The European experience should tell us something important here and that is the expensive futility of such indirect mechanisms to “control” the emission of CO2 by our industry. The only bright spot in this rather hazy and gloomy picture is the fact that the Coalition offers a definitive undertaking to dismantle the whole thing when they gain the lodge. It won’t be easy and we can already hear the screams and protestations of the Green unwashed. But it will be done, all that is needed to make the death of Gillard’s Climatechoices even more palatable would be if the oppositions so called alternative emissions reduction scheme was to likewise be consigned to the dustbin of history. Its clearly better than the Ponzi scheme envisioned by Labor and the Greens but that is only because the things they propose may have some benefit to the environment in other ways like improving soil quality and tree cover. Saving the money by not jumping into more futile attempts to mitigate emissions would also make it easier to retain some of the over generous “compensation” like the laudable rise in the tax free threshold or increases in pensions.

Gillard has counted on the bribes she has offered to the voters to make her bitter scheme palatable but the polls are clearly showing that the voters are unimpressed . Team  Labor are definitely in the death zone here and who is really surprised?They are burdened with a leader who is too stubborn to admit that her gamble that the Carbon Tax would be accepted by the public has not and will not give her a pay off and now her stake on the table is too small for her to possibly win the next round of the game, The odds have become so bad that even going to another leader won’t save Team Labor.In any event who among their number would want to go down in history for leading them to their worst defeat in the history of the party?

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  1. deknarf says:

    Not a believer in AGW Ian? Oh dear! Please tell me that you don’t like Alan Jones!

    The news out today is indicating that Greenland looks like being ice-free pretty soon, there are clear declines in the Arctic ice cover, middle America has been like an oven over summer. The balance of probabilities indicates that AGW is not a fanciful dream made up by researcher wanting grant money but a reality. The evidence, in properly reviewed journals, it out there if people care to look.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    If the truth be known deknarf I can’t stand Alan Jones he is crass arrogant and a rather vile human being.
    That said I do think that the AGW theory is very far from being at all substantiated, but as for melting in Greenland, its high summer in the northern hemisphere at present and I’d be very surprised if there was not some melting there now. the real question is just how “unprecedented” is it? How long have they been collecting detailed data of the Greenland ice extent? I would be surprised it it goes back more than ten or twenty years.

  3. deknarf says:

    Entirely agree on AJ — vile piece of gastrointestinal tract effluent!
    Greenland is just one of a whole lot of evidence showing that increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is leading to changing temperatures — the trend being upwards, The super elephant in the room is the ultimate melting of the permafrost and the release of methane trapped therein. Methane, from memory, is some 24 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    No mate, the REAL pachyderm in question is the causal relationship between human activity and any perceived changes in the climate now no matter how they try the Warministas have not been able to establish, with scientific certainty; that man is responsible for any or all of the “warming” yet many claim its all the fault of humanity 🙄

    They can’t even agree on just how sensitive the climate is to CO2

  5. GD says:

    It’s amazing that those of the left never question the ponzi aspect of these so-called ‘carbon trading’ schemes.

    Despite all findings they, like deknarf, trot out supposed ‘evidence’ in the form of peer-reviewed articles, without ever naming said articles. Despite the fact that the IPCC has been shown to be an agenda led organisation, comprising graduate students and eco-warriors, the leftards still reckon the planet is in danger of burning to a crisp, and all because of evil mankind.

    deknarf cites the overly hot summer in the US as proof, while ignoring the obvious cold winter we are having. Arguments to the tune of ‘it’s only weather, not climate’ fall flat.

    Since 1998, Co2 emissions have risen, yet the temperature has dropped. There is no causal relationship with mankind’s emissions and the temperature of the planet.

    As people feel the cold in winter, as they always have, and this Australian winter is colder than usual, prepare for an even greater backlash against this useless carbon tax and proposed ETS.

    Leftards, stick your head out the window or take a walk. It’s bloody cold. Where is the warming?

    Oh, and by the way, how does sending our money overseas to buy ‘carbon credits’ do anything to change the climate, which really doesn’t need changing?

    Why, when this Labor government has racked up an historically high debt, are we proposing to send money to other countries to ‘change the climate’?

    Are leftists devoid of all reason?

    It would seem so.

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