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Pictures of cupboard doors, as promised


As promised I post some pictures of my new kitchen cupboard doors as I hoped my wife was utterly delighted that I have finally made them and I was well pleased that I have managed to get them finished and installed yesterday.I am of course rather sore today as a result but my sense of achievement makes up for the pain.

Our pantry cupboard has been open since I built the cabinets about eight years ago

This door is ‘L” shaped so that when it is opened it wraps around the front of the stove

these doors really do a good job of hiding the clutter under the kitchen bench

Cheers Comrades



  1. busby777 says:

    nice work! purr!

  2. lynot says:

    Jesus H Christ Hall don’t give up blogging and become a Chippy a Carpenter you aint. What the fuck did you make those cupboards with? an AXE!!! no doubt. Iain your woodwork ability is on par with your politics rubbish.. I can only presume said pictured room is in the shed not the house me thinks. Still look on the bright side your kitchen could be used for props on Deadwood.

    Hall renovator one day, broke the next. 🙂

  3. Iain Hall says:

    the cupboards are made out of second hand floorboards that I salvaged from a house that I demolished and being made out of real timber rather than chipboard they are extremely strong and robust, frankly I don’t give a toss about your opinion of my wood working skills because its my house and my wife and I am extremely happy with the result.

    What amazes me about idiot leftists like you is that those of your ilk are often so full of pretensions and an envious desire for all of the accoutrements of wealth and privilege, my guess is that you would not know which end of a hammer to hold or how to make anything at all.

  4. Richard Ryan says:

    You must be rich you have a dish-washer!

  5. lynot says:

    “What amazes me about idiot leftists like you is that those of your ilk are often so full of pretensions and an envious desire for all of the accoutrements of wealth and privilege, my guess is that you would not know which end of a hammer to hold or how to make anything at all.”

    He he ho ho you’re so funny Iain. It is you that suffers delusions of grandeur. A right wing Hillbilly how novel. You should stick to making Moonshine. I mean your babbling diatribes tell me you drink enough of it.

    You’re the equivalent of a Gina Rinehart being a union organiser.

    And FYI my Hillbilly friend I am a tradesman, I also have trained two apprentices, who if they had built cupboards like yours, would be lucky to get a job in a sweet factory.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Yes Richard we have a dishwasher because it stops all of the arguments about doing the dishes!
    But it was not that expensive anyway

  7. lynot says:

    OBTW who belongs to the pink gloves. I’m thinking they aint your cheeses.

  8. Carpe Jugulum says:

    @Iynot – considering you are such a building professional tell us all how you would have done it. Or are you just a typical fly-by twat.

    Now to more serious matters – Hi richard the sock puppet, you must be poor, you do dishes by hand. (although to be fair most servants do)

    There is a clean up on aisle 5 you and Iynot had better get moving – chop chop.

  9. busby777 says:

    these cupboard doors are very good — don’t listen to the negative nelly

  10. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Ian , i quite like the look it is very olde worlde. although i am not a fan of the bracing diagonaly htey still look goog.

  11. Carpe Jugulum says:

    good – dammit

  12. GD says:

    Richard is being true to his green religion. He wouldn’t dream of using appliances to make life easier. It’s offensive to Gaia. Besides, a dishwasher wouldn’t fit in his cave.

  13. GD says:

    re the cupboard doors, well, as a bachelor, I kinda liked the idea of no doors. Less to open, less to close.

  14. Iain Hall says:

    In Turn
    frankly I don’t believe your claims to be a tradesman, what you are is a Hatesman pure and simple
    thanks for that I’m really a form follows function kinda guy and the most important critic of my work (the wife) is delighted with the result.
    Carpe Jugulum
    yeah “olde worlde” is sort of the style I’m going for
    the no doors simplicity does lose some of its appeal after eight years of looking at the clutter under the bench

  15. alan says:

    “A right wing Hillbilly how novel.”
    “You’re the equivalent of a Gina Rinehart being a union organiser”

    I admit to having the same types of thoughts.

    I think Iain is only a conservative in his own mind.
    Or maybe that is what he aspires to be, but can’t quite get there.

  16. Iain Hall says:


    I think Iain is only a conservative in his own mind.
    Or maybe that is what he aspires to be, but can’t quite get there.

    For the purposes of this post my political position is actaully not on topic at all, this is a post about domestic life and DIY. You know I am just sharing with my readers the fruits of a little domestic project that I’m well pleased with.

  17. alan says:

    Maybe so, but another poster mentioned it here, and I was just agreeing with him in a way.
    The reasons I have come to that conclusion, have nothing to do with your DIY abilities, of which I rather envious to be honest.
    I’m good with numbers and analysing stuff, but a handyman I’m not.

  18. lynot says:

    Hey Iain I will lose much sleep tonight worrying about what you believe. As for “Hatesman” Of course you had a straight face when you tapped that out didn’t you? You are the blogger with a past. Of that there is no denial.

    But I digress. Your cupboards are still shit and they look like they have been built by a primary school child in his first wood working class.

    OBTW the frames would probably have looked better on the inside of the door. Maybe you should stack all the kitchen stuff on the outside of the doors on the floor and make a whole in the wall the other side.

  19. Iain Hall says:

    Have you ever heard the expression that the customer is always right?
    Well I made the cupboards and more recently the doors to please my wife and myself. Your judgement of their aesthetics means nothing to me. The cupboards are made of recycled floor boards part of the design was not to hide their origins in your earlier comment you suggested that they would not be out of place on “Deadwood” well that comparison amused me because that which you thought an insult I consider a compliment, quite simply because I very much prefer something that is old and honest rather than furniture or fittings made out of MDF and then finished in a fake wood coating pretending to be something that they are not. Apart from the labour to demolish a house the floor boards cost me nothing in fact the most expensive part of making the kitchen was for fixings and glue. Likewise the cupboard doors are made or recycled materials,the door frames are a mixture of 25 x 25 and 20 x 20 RHS and they are skinned with plywood that was once the crates that Ducati motorcycles arrive in the country in. The whole point here is not to pretend that I’m making a boring factory kitchen but to make a functional and somewhat rustic usable work of art. To that end the frames of those doors are on the outside as a deliberate design feature. Clearly you are incapable of appreciating that anyone can think outside the box when it comes to interior design

  20. Richard Ryan says:

    Why would anyone want a dish washer with only two children—–different if you had a large family—–with only two children, as I had and a wife, I had no need for a dish-washer. My dish-washer yuppie friends, tell me I need a dish-washer, if I put the house on the market——well they can all get f*cked, as the house will not be sold in my life time, next these f*ck-wits will need a machine to have sex——so probably even too lazy, to do that sexercise.

  21. Iain Hall says:

    Dishwashers use less water to clean your dishes, now down in Newcastle where you live you enjoy the pleasure of a reticulated supply but we are on tank water and every litre matters. That said it is a tedious chore to wash the dishes everyday and as the chief dishwasher in the house I hated the job enough to spend the money on buying a machine ahead of anything else. We paid cash and had change out of $600 bucks if I remember correctly. Of course I installed it myself.
    Like you I have no intention of selling the place and as for using it as a sex aid well I’ll leave that to sad minions of the left

  22. GD says:

    Richard reckons:

    My dish-washer yuppie friends

    You’ve got friends??

  23. busby777 says:

    sheesh! you can’t even show a photo of your kitchen cupboards without being attacked for your political views

  24. Iain Hall says:

    Nothing unusual Tessa, its just grist for the mill.

  25. Richard Ryan says:

    IN AMERICA! Cardboard boxes are the norm——on the street, for the homeless.

  26. Richard Ryan says:

    AND for the record, I don’t mind washing dishes, as for GD he does not have to wash dishes—–he lives on take-a-ways. A plastic and paper container snob.

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