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Can Labor serve its own interests by preferencing the Greens last?

I have been predicting for ages that the Labor party will bite the bullet and decide to preference the Greens last at all elections and especially federally well it seems that the game may at last be afoot as this report in the OZ suggests:


Now if they actaully follow through with this idea they may stand a chance of doing two things, firstly they will regain their autonomy and secondly they will go a long way  towards re-earning the respect of the voting public who see them as a dishevelled dog being vigorously wagged by a militant and totalitarian green tail. It will all be a vital part of their reinvention during their long sojourn in the political wilderness.

Cheers Comrades


  1. deknarf says:

    The performance of Milne with her ideological wild-eyed rant on ABC TV the other night and Hanson-Young’s crocodile tears about refugees whilst doing nothing finally drove the stake into the heart of the Green Loonies for me. Wouldn’t first preference them in a fit, will only preference them if their votes flow Labors way, and if it wasn’t for preferential voting Federally wouldn’t vote for them ever!

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Christine Milne is really scary in my opinion especially when she gets that mad look in her eyes.

  3. deknarf says:

    Her performance on ABC’s 7.30 report last week was a real eye opener — scary!

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