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Dear Iain Hall, Right Wing Troll – This is why you were banned


You are most amusing Zealots here and of course I am not going to “bleat” about free speech I can and do say what I please at my own blog and elsewhere and I will take great pleasure in critiquing what you write here at my own blog when my muse inspires me to do so.
To that end I respond to the points in turn:

Well, here is your answer:
a check of your comments history on this blog shows that you have been offensive since practically day 1. You were not polite, and were not on topic, you had a hatefilled right wing agenda, and this blog will not be used to further that agenda. The editor took the decision to ban you from commenting, not because of your repeated hatefilled comments, but she feels:

Talk about confirmation bias! This is a very good example of why so many minions of the left have such strong inner totalitarians

a) you are using this blog as a form of free-advertising – every time you get a comment posted you are promoting your own right wing hateful views

The” turn left ” blog is relatively new and I doubt that it gets that much traffic in fact I suspect that the humble Sandpit gets more hits than it does. That said my views may be expressed with some sarcasm but all of the venom spitting hate is coming from the anonymous author of this blog.

b) she doesn’t need to see your right wing hateful views popping up in the comments occasionally

I would think that anyone worth their salt in the discussion of politics should be willing to defend their opinions when challenged rather than diving for cover behind the moderation filter.

c) banning you should hopefully stop you from taking posts from this blog and reposting them on your own blog

Well that is going to be a big fail isn’t it?

This is a left wing blog, proudly left wing. There is nothing that says it must be either fair or balanced. Right wing hate will not be tolerated.

Well you succeed in being precisely what I have emboldened above

When you took a post from this site and reposted it on your own, that was a step too far. You can be abusive as you like in comments, and the editor has the right to hit the “trash” button, but when you take work from this blog, and reproduce it on your own, the editor has no control over what context it is place in.

Are you familiar with the terms of the copyright act? To paraphrase I can reproduce what ever I please if I offer a critique of any of the text that I quote.

Take your hate, and go away.

Clearly the author of this blog has absolutely no sense of humour what so ever.

While there is nothing to stop you from making an anonymous email account and continue to comment, as long as it is not connected to your right wing hate-blog, you will probably get your comments published.

No, I won’t deny my own name to comment at this blog, instead if I wish to comment on any of its posts then I will simply use the repost option as I have done so here and then I can say what I please.

Cheers Comrades

Turn Left 2013

A letter was sent to the email address for this blog from a right wing troll, this is what he said:

Hi there
I seem to banned from commenting at your blog and I would like to know why this is so.
My comemnts were on topic and polite and as far as I can tell they do not contravene your comments policy.

It saddens me that you are unwilling to accept comments that disagree with your political standpoint. So I write to you asking you to reverse this decision.

Yours sincerely

Iain Hall

Well, here is your answer:
a check of your comments history on this blog shows that you have been offensive since practically day 1. You were not polite, and were not on topic, you had a hatefilled right wing agenda, and this blog will not be used to further that agenda. The editor took the decision…

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  1. Richard Ryan says:

    The Carbon Tax, is playing around with my email address— or maybe too many bloggers on my computer,now it is fixed.

  2. Richard Ryan says:

    Told that blogger to click to Bolt’s blog. He should be happy there.

  3. Richard Ryan says:

    Really I pity him, he may have been a former altar-boy.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Gee Richard it would be really nice if just for once you would post an on topic comment

  5. Paul Wilson says:

    u r dead beat fuckhead IH

  6. Victor says:

    Hey, congrats Iain – you’ve officially been “Public Interest” tested!!

    I made a couple of innocuous comments there which were snipped. It’s why Leftists make such sloppy debaters – they prefer sitting around in nodding echo chambers, don’t want to risk taking their ‘ideas’ into combat.

    As John Roskam has noted of his appearances on Jon Faine’s ABC 774 radio show – the majority of text commenters moan about how Roskam shouldn’t be allowed on the show, rather than attacking the content of his ideas.

  7. alan says:

    Victor, you are full of nonsense.
    Idiots can be found anywhere, regardless of their political beliefs.
    So you take one blog, and because they snipped you, then all people leaning to the left are crook debaters?
    What an idiotic comment to make.
    I don’t agree with censorship, so that blog is wrong in my eyes, but that they are left leaning has nothing to do with it. Its just that blog.
    I mean how often does Bolt censor…..be honest now won’t you?

  8. Carpe Jugulum says:

    “u r dead beat fuckhead IH”

    Please have pity on our dear Paul Wilson, he didn’t realise that this was a club for people who have had ‘relations’ with his mother.

    It was a bit weird when he showed up. 🙂

  9. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Dear richard – i admire your perseverance, still finding a place to post crap.

    Cudos to yur trolling efforts – but you are still a beta male.

  10. Victor says:

    Bolt censors all the time – never used to, but the Lefties sat waiting for comments that could be used to launch legal action, and so the horror of free speech was brought to an end. So Alan would you seriously make a case that the left today is not more censorious than the right?

  11. Carpe Jugulum says:

    @ Victor – Boltas blog used to be a very lively discussion, but since the morji litijus tribe won their case it is so heavily moderated. Unless you are trolling for comment.

    It is not worth the time any more. Although it is still good to read, just not to comment.

  12. alan says:

    I wouldn’t bet either way, because I don’t pretend to know.
    What I do know though is both sides do it a lot.
    The whole left right thing gives me the shits to be honest.
    I’m not interested in playing that game.

    Bolt has ALWAYS censored of that I am 100% sure, and it’s very selective censorship too.
    Those that agree with his POV can basically state it as derogatorily as they like.
    The opposing view does not get that same freedom, not by a long shot.

  13. Victor says:

    I know what you mean, Alan, about the left-right thing giving you the shits – it IS tedious… but it’s unavoidable if you want to talk politics at all – the culture wars just are – no getting away from it. It annoys me that all Non-Leftists get labelled Right-Wingers, but to a certain extent it’s a useful short-hand way of referring to the two main opposing positions on basic issues like free-speech, etc.. If the Left disappeared tomorrow, you’d very quickly see some very big cracks open up in what constitutes the “right-wing” – social conservatives and libertarians have always made odd bed-fellows if you ask me (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

    But you’re wrong about Bolt having always censored – I was there at the start of his blogging life and it was open slather – good fun for a while. But Carpe’s right – it’s finished as a discussion forum now.

  14. GD says:

    Victor wrote:

    But Carpe’s right – it’s finished as a discussion forum now.

    …..and all because of the litigious and censorial nature of the left. Bolt’s obviously nervous about further legal action, should he put one comma or exclamation mark out of place, in case it ‘offends’ someone.

    Well done, lefties, you’ve started to close down free speech in this country.

  15. Richard Ryan says:

    It’s all Carpe fault that Bolt’s blog is stuffed——it should have been taken off the net years ago—–a blog of green slime, with Carpe and his lot, baying like hounds for Bolt’s divided attention. Your crap is better then mine, Carpe but then you had a good teacher—-

  16. Richard Ryan says:

    GD—–FREE SPEECH—-out of the barrel of a gun, is my motto. Top that! And I mean it.

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