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Does anyone really think that Labor can sell the, Ah Hem, “virtues” of Climatechoices to a cynical public?

Thanks to those fine folks at Fairfax we have a Poll taken right at the beginning of Gillard’s Climatechoices and surprise surprise It shows that the public are far from being amused by this tax and spend money churn:

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My question to you dear readers is there anyone out there who think that Climatechoices is going to be anything other than a total disaster for team Labor?

With their record of not being able to “sell” their message on any policy does anyone think that they will be able to convince the public that they have something of virtue in their Climatechoices regime?

Come on who will offer me a bottle of red on it?

Cheers Comrades


  1. Victor says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if the brazen, naked bribes being offered by Labor have any affect. Early signs are that they won’t, which is heartnening. Hopefully people realise just how appallingly low Labor’s opinion of The People is, when they think that throwing cash at ’em will get ’em eating out their their hand like baaing sheep.

    I say, at the next election, let’s all be Queenslanders!

  2. Iain Hall says:

    I agree with you Victor that Labor is grossly underestimating the people and the ability of Labor bribes to buy them votes. Most people will just pocket the cash and still vote against Labor. But As I said in an earlier post the fact that this bribe will just be plonked into people’s accounts via EFT means that a lot of people won’t even notice it coming or going.

  3. Richard Ryan says:

    IMAGINE! If all the hot air emitting from our bloggers could be taxed—–we could garnish home heating.

  4. alan says:

    “IMAGINE! If all the hot air emitting from our bloggers could be taxed—–we could garnish home heating.”

    excellent commentary.
    It just occurred to me after reading that, that it’s probably Bolt’s blog that is responsible for the whole problem of global warming.

  5. deknarf says:

    Hotter, more humid and malaria (and other tropical diseases) coming further south. Pleased I live in NSW and not Queensland. We’ll just have rising oceans, heat waves and not much rain. Maybe it’s time to move further South to balmy Tasmania! ;-0

  6. Iain Hall says:

    You really give me cause for much merriment. You should check out the meaning of “Garnish”

    Because it does not mean what you think it does!

  7. Iain Hall says:

    Once when a Warminista was getting terribly worried about rising Oceans I pointed out that as I live on a mountain that it would be a very good thing for me because it would shorten my journey to the beach, He was not amused.
    However when it comes to diseases like malaria we are at far greater risk from the parasite being resistant to the drugs that have previously worked for the disease than any change in the distribution of the mosquito vectors

  8. GD says:

    and not much rain


    Have you been outside lately?

  9. Carpe Jugulum says:

    Well it is cold In Melbourne – i guess the fresh air tax must be working. /sarc off.

  10. GD says:


    Well yeah, just the mention of the carbon tax broke Flannery’s never-ending drought. Damn powerful piece of legislation. /sarc off

  11. GD says:

    The carbon dioxide tax has been launched in a welter of lies from the Labor and Green parties.

    There is no viable green economy in the world and sustainability is just a buzzword for taking money from those who have earned it to give to those who are most likely to vote for Left-wing government.

    The promise of a cleaner world is absolute nonsense. The CO2 tax will have no impact on global temperatures as it kills Australian businesses.

    Food for thought. Guess who wrote it?

  12. Carpe Jugulum says:

    GD – Yep, flanners is our own version of the Gore effect.

  13. deknarf says:

    Ahh but you’ve made a very wise residential decision! 🙂
    Perhaps a boat ramp on the front lawn could be your next home project.

  14. Iain Hall says:

    Gee deknarf if the sea rose that much you would definitely need a snorkel as we are 400m above the current sea level!

  15. Victor says:

    Just checked on Melbourne’s dam levels – they’re rising almost as fast as Labor’s vote is plummeting – maybe there IS a weird correlation between the Left, our Weather, and the Truth: NOTHING – not one thing – Flannery ever predicts comes true…spooky, when you consider dumb luck should see him get the occasional dart throw on target.

  16. deknarf says:

    Hmm? Maybe I need to get into the Ark building business!

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