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The key to kitchen happiness


The thing that I like about living in Queensland is that our winters are generally very mild and relatively short, well the last few days have been cold wet and rather miserable which is something of a change from the rather pleasant time that we have been experiencing up until now. None the less I have been trying to be productive around here by working on making some doors for our kitchen cupboards. Now most people would make said doors out of wood but I’m not most people and I  want something that covers the at present exposed clutter and that looks unique. So I’m going for total overkill by making them out of steel, well the frames for the doors at least are made of RHS square tubing and I plan to fit a combination of shade cloth and Plywood to the inside of the frames to make them solid.

  Its an industrial aesthetic I’m aiming for here one which makes a virtue out of the structure and form in the Bauhaus tradition. I am  trying to make them out of recycled materials that I have managed to acquire at almost zero cost. My brother has a pile of super-magnets recovered form old computer hard drives that will work as latches, for handles I have some steel eyelets     The only things that I have had to pay hard cash for is some screws, shade cloth, paint  and some strip steel to attach the shade cloth  to the frames. The plywood comes from some Ducati motorcycle packing crates the RHS steel comes from the afore mentioned mower pallets. I’m even making the hinges myself rather than buying them. The only difficulty with this little project is that I’m trying very hard to keep its progress secret form my beautiful wife so that she gets a very pleasant surprise when I fit the doors in the kitchen. After all its only been six or seven years since I made the cabinets in the kitchen  and she has totally given up all hope that I would ever make the doors. She is off out to day so I can do some all important fitting preparation work heck the sun is even making an appearance this morning so that I can contemplate painting the frames that I have already made. Followers of any sort of reality show will certainly understand that its all about the surprise reveal at the end so I’m trying to build up the tension here and no you won’t find any pictures in this post today of this little project I will post those when I have fitted the doors in a few days time.

Cheers Comrades



  1. Miglo says:

    Give me Canberra any day. 🙂

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well you can keep Canberra Migs! Its cold, soulless and full of latte sippers! Although the war memorial and Art Gallery is good

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