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To toast or not to toast that is the question


If you are as aware of energy costs as much as I am have you ever considered just what it costs you to have your bread toasted rather than plain, straight form the loaf? When I was growing up the idea of toasting your bread was all about compensating for the bread being stale or to make your “soldiers” upstanding enough for them to give your soft boiled eggs a good seeing to, the idea of toasting fresh bread was really something akin to sacrilege. Yet for my beautiful wife toast is THE way to eat bread at any time and given the choice she will always choose to toast her bread.  yeah I know that we all have our culinary preferences but the recent demise of our pop-up toaster  made me dream of a new era in this house where bread was enjoyed as the baker made it …

I sprouted the rather lame suggestion that without a toaster in the house we could save heaps on our energy bills only to have my toast loving spouse suggest that she could use the griller on our gas stove instead something powered form the plug socket…. Hmm maybe this is one that I can’t win as the addiction to toast is just too enduring and  long-standing. So maybe my dream of a house no longer dependant on the pop up toaster will have to remain a dream but I can’t help wondering just how many of our friends of the Giaian faith are likewise devoted to toast and how many of them realise that we could all help to “save the planet” by giving up electrically  browned bread products?

Ah well there are fights that you can win and fights that you are bound to lose sadly I think that I’m on the losing end of this one…

Cheers Comrades


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    Would be funny if was not so serious. My local takeaway told me his quarterly electricity bill has hit $8000.00. That is a crap load of fish n chips!

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