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great piece Jeff and well worth reblogging

the Air Vent

Climate science hasn’t changed a bit since climategate. Sure there are now some climate scientists trying to find a middle ground between insane liberal energy activism and reality, but why is anything other than simple reality necessary? A slow path to Euro-crazy politics is still the wrong path. Case in point, a couple of months ago, a study of the Emperor penguin population came out in which satellite estimates show that there are over a half million of the beasts roaming the icy wasteland. The ever-accurate environmental studies stated previously that there were only two or three hundered thousand. So that is good news right?

Naw, it is just more penguins to worry about. The news reports simply have more to say about the future of the penguins and why our SUV’s are killing them.

More recently, another article came out and captured substantially more press, unsurprisingly, the now…

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