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Being able to read what is written and the changing nature of the published word.

Less is more especially when the frames weigh just 17 grams

Yesterday I just could not get my head around any topic with enough dedication to tap out some words of wisdom for the sandpit’s readers, I had the shopping to do and some necessary errands like a organising some new spectacles, actaully new lenses for the frames that I bought online from the USA, having failed miserably to find any that I liked in the various stores that I have been visiting for months in a futile search for a style that I could live with. Its the blessing of getting older that finds me needing glasses all of the time these days and finding the perfect frames is really vexing when all of the chains have nothing but those vile letterbox rectangular abominations that are oh so fashionable at present. I was delighted to find that my frames met with such approval from the OPTICIAN who loved them enough to want to take a picture of himself wearing them!

Anyway enough of my excuses for not posting yesterday and onto the Fairfax saga one thing that you can’t say about Gina Reinhardt is that she fails to put the cat among the pigeons. The latte sippers must be choking on the froth this morning as the Age reports that her holding in the company is now more than 18% Talk about going into the belly of the beast !  as a disinterested observer I am just loving the soap opera quality of this little bit of game playing form Gina  and frankly I can see a future where there are no print versions of any paper in this country the future is surely online when it comes to news and information and I predict that there will come a time when the Age, the SMH and all other Fairfax titles will be like their Brisbane times entirely an  online creature, further I expect that when that happens the next step will be to consolidate all of those individual titles into one national masthead.

  I came to this conclusion when I saw that at Westfield’s Strathpine centre the newsagent was closed and signs telling us that it is “temporary” and it would reopen soon were posted on its closed doors. Now besides the fact that shopping malls charge almost extortionate rents for any store front  its clear that the business of selling papers, magazines and stationary is not what it used to be, with supermarkets selling those same products and much of the reading public getting their fix online  I think that sadly  we are going to see more newsagents closing in the future.

Of course from an environmental point of view the decline in the printed newspaper might not be such a bad thing if we value the trees  that are cut down to make paper a decline in the demand has to be a good thing right? Of course it is. I don’t think this means an end of the book though because a book is seldom the single use item that newspapers tend to be and there is still a quality of the printed book that E readers seem to lack …

Cheers Comrades


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    How do you reckon Jo will get on with Gina?

    Actually, given their mirror-image looks, and nasty personas, they’ll probably hit it off. Gina could teach Jo how to put a few bob together, while Jo could teach Gina how to stalk the Internet.

    As for “sadly we are going to see more newsagents closing in the future”, there’s nothing “sad” about that at all as far as I’m concerned. I rarely go into one. Also, have you ever met a Newsagency owner who was a decent bloke? They’re usually super-arrogant and think they own the whole town just because they have exclusive distribution rights. Stuff ’em, I say.

  2. GD says:

    I reckon newsagents work pretty hard. The few that I’ve known would open at 7am, close at 7pm. Sundays were 7am till 12pm. Those certainly aren’t muso’s hours, more like sleeping hours for me.

    The couple of newsagents I’ve known bought into their businesses, ran hard for a couple of years, often with family picking up the slack, then got out. Makes sense.

    If anything, they’re hard workers in my opinion, and worthy small businessmen. Australia could do with a lot more of their ilk, and less of the ‘entitled mentality’ that infests our welfare system.

    Of course the retail industry is changing, the newsagent along with many other retailers will fall by the wayside, while similar online services, along with their physical delivery systems will take over. It’s unavoidable. However, it is a natural progression, we can’t hold back progress.

    Given natural progress in past decades, people adapt to new industries. Particularly newsagents who have bought into a business for a couple of years, with the aim of getting out soon after.

    What’s not natural is the Greens’ malarkey of attempting to shut down vital industries before a suitable substitute is found.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Actually I think that one thing that is killing newsagents is the decline in smoking because they used to be big on selling tobacco and now that is no longer so profitable.

    I agree though that most in the business do work damn hard but we live in a time of change and It looks like news agents are going to go the way of the dinosaurs I don’t know how I feel about to be honest.

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Australia could do with a lot more of their ilk, and less of the ‘entitled mentality’ that infests our welfare system.

    Get off it, GD. Newsagents aren’t the only people who work. It’s debatable how hard they work because it’s not exactly a slog stacking their shelves with newspapers, magazines and birthday cards and selling Tattslotto tickets. My point is that newsagencies are actually franchises. Nothing wrong with buying into a franchise but in their case the franchise gives them a virtual monoploy on newspaper distribution (and Tattslotto tickets) within their designated area or town. It’s archaic and restrictive.

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