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Water woes in Melbourne

I suppose I should count my self lucky on a few counts with this issue, firstly I don’t live in Melbourne, secondly I don’t rely upon reticulated water and thirdly I am not going to have to pay for a useless Desal Plant for perpetuity even though it does not work and its hopelessly late coming on line.

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What amazes me is that that this quango is even contemplating taking time to repay the money it owes its customers for the overcharging, The morally correct thing to do would be to just discount the next bill by the amount that each consumer has been overcharged previously, frankly I tend to think that Ted should just tell the builders of the Desal plant that They can take their energy hungry plant at Wonthaggi and stick it where the sun don’t shine and as they have failed to meet the terms of their contract that they will just have to wear the loss. Essentially the Victorian government should just wash their hands of the whole climate change inspired madness of drawing upon the sea as a source of potable water for Melbourne.

Cheers Comrades

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  1. GD says:

    the water plant, commissioned by the former Labor government, will cost about $2 million a day for the next 27 years

    So said Ted Bailieu, and it’s worth repeating:

    that’s whether it’s working or not.

    Meanwhile, the drought has broken, as it always does, Melbourne (and Sydney) are drenched in free water, but we, the hapless voters, are paying, once again, for Labor’s stuff-ups.

    Imagine instead if they had built a dam, or two, and collected the rain in these bountiful times, and released it in conditions of drought. Apparently that is too hard for Labor and the Greens to understand, or it goes against their ideology.

    Meanwhile the average punter pays through the nose for this misplaced ideology.

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