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Raid the bones of Elvis

One of the joys of building a special car is the hunt for parts. Given a bottomless wallet it would be easy to just go to the parts shop and buy all sorts of fancy bits and bobs but my budget is far more limited so its a case of catch where catch can. To this end I’m off on a road trip this morning so that I can salvage the brakes off an old 929 Mazda, these have the same stud pattern as the Toyota diff I am using on the Morris and as it is discs all around I’m hoping that  they can be made to fit without too much bother now if only the weather was not so dodgy I would be truly happy.

Just to explain the title, the Mazda was called “Elvis” by its last owner but sadly he has left the building after his second tail-shaft failed and as the owner had discovered that they are made of unobtainim it was clearly time to lay him to rest.

  Cheers Comrades




    I went through a little restoration project about 20 years ago… The memory of it still hurts…..

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well I have come back home with a load of goodies which will move my project forward I got all of the brakes off the car and now I can set to work converting the drum brake diff to disc brakes and then I will tackle the front conversion to discs. If there is one thing I am certain of it is the need to have the best possible brakes.

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