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Undemocratic Thuggery: Labor Commits To Ignore Election Outcome

Yale you have done very well here to point out the villainous nature of the left leaning parties when it comes to this most pernicious tax and spend regime. Further the fact that he has even said this should be retold every-time that the Labor party claims that it believes the next election is winnable by Gillard because thsi sort of thinking is absolute evidence that they are lying (again) about their election prospects.

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  1. Richard Ryan says:

    Too many right-wing media gossip columnists in Australia, who are specialists in the art of caustic remarks,nastiness,put-downs,small mindedness, these media gossips, would do well to remember, that a sharp tongue, does not mean a keen mind. Gossip right wing media columnists are the feral of the media regime. Shalom, Richard Ryan.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    I reckon he’s over-laboured the point in a big way, Iain, and has filled his post with a heap of repetitive rhetoric. The govt are simply out to neutralise the carbon tax issue and there’s no suggestion they would turn renegade if there’s a landslide against them at the next election. Quite frankly, it’s a bit rich to point the finger at Labor when what we’ve seen since Abbott lost the last election is every dirty trick in the book employed in order to bring down the government .. even (possibly) colluding with Ashby to get rid of the Speaker. Pot … kettle ….

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