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Dave and Jezza get the sack, or foxes meet grapes

Well it looks like Dave and Jezza have got the sack, sure they are potting a brave face on it but the fact of the matter is that Crikey have finally pulled the pin on “Pure Poison” well you have to ask what took them so long?

What is it with Lefties and their lack of staying power?

Hmm that makes three iterations of ” Boltwatch” which have risen from the foetid imagination of our learned friend only to crash and burn, well maybe its time for Jezza and Dave to concentrate on their day jobs ….. because their attempts to be news  media critics and defenders of “intellectual honesty” have not amounted to much.

Cheers Comrades



  1. Ray Dixon says:

    I was away from the Internet most of yesterday and missed this earth shattering news, Iain. Gee, that long-winded sign off was real hard to read. Look, it didn’t work out guys – so what? Who cares? Never explain, never justify … there’s a reason for that saying.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Well It certainly has been an expensive experiment for Eric Beecher when you consider the litigation that Crikey has had to contend with because of the Pure Poison experiment, who could forget their delightful faux pas like publishing a claim that Tim Blair was using a sockpuppet? That ultimately led them to being unable to even allude to that chap?
    Only a few weeks ago LP closed its doors and now PP is following suit which is why I pose the question about Lefties and staying power, I know that you carry a torch for the Labor government Ray but I can’t help thinking that its imminent collapse and expected long sojourn in the wilderness has something to do with a particular malaise I see infecting Lefty bloggers, its a kind of miserable pessimism about the future and a lack of stomach for keeping up the fight from the shadow of Gillard’s failures.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    No, I don’t think political leanings had anything to do with those closures, Iain. In my opinion it’s more about the boring and repetitive nature of the blogs in question.

  4. evcricket says:

    Come on Iain;;;;; gloating does not become a man of your stature.

    Good news for you though; I guess you can’t get sacked from your own blog?

  5. Iain Hall says:

    there are actaully times when a moderate amount of gloating is both apt and justified and frankly I think that this is one of them 😉

  6. damage says:

    Hang on. As the paragon’s or intellectual virtue and honesty why doesn’t dear old Antrogenous get a mention in Jezze’s glowing tribute to his fellow contributors?

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