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Dreaming of our inner Stig while watching the tele

To be entirely Francis I am no great fan of advertising per se, although I can appreciate the cleverness of some advertising campaigns I just zone out when the ads come on the TV  but I am also no fan of Nanny state thinking either  so I would like to know why the powers that be want to suck all of the fun and fantasy out of what is perhaps the second biggest purchasing decision of our lives by banning any add that suggest that a car can be driven fast or that it handles well:

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At present this ad is on high rotation and as clever as it is just how is it not just promoting the idea that when it comes to using the roads then safety does not matter as much as getting laid?

I don’t know about anyone else but as a driver who enjoys the way a car meets its design parameters I don’t care so much about leather seats, stereos  and other such frippery  I want to know about what the car or Bike can do when asked the question and even if you never ask that question its nice to know the answer. The dour and Eco-obsessed want everything to be about energy efficiency which is important to an extent but in an increasingly accountant mentality shaped world do they have to ruin our right to occasionally  imaging ourselves as the Stig even if its  just for that moment between getting into the drivers seat and pressing the “start” button?

Cheers Comrades

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  1. Craigy says:

    It is difficult at times talking to some of my friends with the same concerns I have about the environment. They have a kind of strange look on their faces when I talk about my passion for motorsport and large Fords with big engines (on LPG of course).

    What I seem to always end up explaining, is that motorsport and cars that can perform ‘on the edge’ play a large part in the research and development of energy and design efficiencies.

    By pushing cars to the limit of performance for their type, testing out the tyres and handling, running as far as you can flat out on as little fuel as possible, we learn how to make better, safer and more efficiently designed engines and bodywork.

    Take for example the electric assisted cars at La Mans, running in the 24 hour race. A flat torque curve at 300 kph+….. now that would be fun!

    That said, I agree with your post whole heartedly Iain.

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