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Julian Assange loses court bid against extradition

Well I am pretty sure that our friends form the left are going to be fuming and fulminating about this piece of news:

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Of course what I expect to happen is that once he gets to Sweden the USA may well seek to extradite him to face charges, but really why would anyone expect that The USA would just meekly shrug their shoulders and accept their classified information being published by WikiLeaks? Of course they are going to want to bring the this man to face the consequences of his use of the stolen information.
Does that make the USA right or wrong here?
I don’t know to be honest but the fact that the Uber-left is so in love with this man and his website makes me tend towards suggesting that no hole is deep enough for Assange.

Cheers Comrades


  1. GD says:

    I agree, Iain, why would the US merely pat him on the head and say, you’ve tried to discredit the USA, in a major way, but we’ll send you a boy scout’s badge of honour for your efforts. Well done, son. Of course they are going after him. Sadly, Australia’s lefties regard him as a ‘freedom fighter’. Go figure.

    The Boy From Magnetic

    Magnetic’s boy, their pride and joy
    Australia’s radical son
    freedom fighter, pillow biter?
    no he prefers two on one

    they both cried rape, he made his escape
    to an English house of lords
    but the courts said no, it’s back you go
    to face your just rewards

    can’t get you for leaking, but decently speaking
    the women must have their rights
    if you forced yourself on, without a condom,
    prepare for some prison delights

    politically though, the US of A
    would like to string you up
    you published their files with malice and guile
    America’s had enough

    so it’s all hit the fan, you’ll do what you can
    yet still call Australia home
    though you haven’t lived here for quite a few years
    it’s us you’ll call on the phone

    the lefties will rant, he’s a hero for sure
    he’s fighting for freedom today
    but subverting the West, even in jest,
    is not a smart card to play

  2. busby777 says:

    you must consider who is in charge here in the States – they wouldn’t want to hassle a fellow crook

  3. Richard Ryan says:

    God Bless The United States Of Australia! Shalom.

  4. Craigy says:

    Interesting, Wikileaks has been an eye-opener on so many levels…..

    I wonder if they will go after the editors at Fairfax and the other news papers who also published the files stolen by the US soldier.

    The interesting thing is why a serving US soldier would leak such embarrassing and revealing emails and other documents about his own people? What made him think that his own country was not acting honestly when it comes to their involvement in overseas conflict and what is the reason the US has reacted so strongly to the release of the files, given all the talk of the US’s moral superiority over their enemies?

    If the good guys ARE the good guys, why have they so much to hide and why did one of their own leak it?

  5. damage says:

    “I wonder if they will go after the editors at Fairfax and the other news papers who also published the files stolen by the US soldier.”
    Have any of them raped anyone?

  6. Richard Ryan says:

    IS it not strange Assange showing American goons shooting unarmed civilians from a ‘copter—–ah yes the camera never lies—–what can I say—-“The Crumbling American Empire”

  7. Richard Ryan says:

    I wonder has Assange got any info. that I can use on Bolt——Andrew is the gossip columnist who received classified information on Wilkies—-where did he get that from?

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