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Canada inspires with funding cut to NRTEE

In some instances Canada is often seen as being quite similar to  this country. We are both countries which have a large land area and lots of natural resources with comparatively small populations. We also have rather similar cultural traditions derived form our British colonial heritage. Of course our climates could not be further apart and I reckon you have to be tough to stand the Canadian winters in a way that even Tasmanians don’t come close to. They too have suffered the ravages of the millenarian  Green religion but its good to see that they are finally beginning to fight back and that they are beginning to dismantle and de-fund a quango not unlike the much derided “Climate Commission” created by our own Labor/Greens government.

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Sadly it may take a bit of time, and a change of government, for the Climate Commission to cease embarrassing the poadlitical grown ups but the experience in Canada does show that it can be done and that in these austere times the saving is very much to the advantage of the nation.
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