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My take on the Leader of the Opposition’s Address In Reply, Parliament House, Canberra

Well I for one thought that Tony Abbott’s speech was a cracking example of of passion and truth.Oh I know that Ray won’t be a happy camper because it is a statement of general principals rather than  being a blow by blow economic plan.

I will admit to enjoying the pained expressions on the face of Julia Gillard as the speech  was delivered. Of course I am not just blindly endorsing the entirety of the detail of the opposition program I have some reservations about the changes to welfare proposed however I think that there is some virtue in their position and philosophy. The emphasis on foreign language learning is one that I wish was in operation now because My daughter really wanted to continue learning the Japanese but it was just not offered at her high school.

Anyway an over all nine out of ten from me to Tony Abbott’s speech.

Cheers Comrades


  1. Leon Bertrand says:

    It’s silly to expect a fully detailed and costed Budget Reply, as the government demands.

    The election won’t be for at least another year yet, and by then the fiscal position, GDP growth, unemployment etc will be different to now. There’s no prospect of the Opposition occupying the Treasury benches tomorrow.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    Precisely right Leon,especially when you consider that none of Swan’s budgets have been anywhere near their predictions for example the last deficit was so far out.

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    No one expects Abbott to come up with “a fully detailed and costed” alternative budget, but what he came out with was the absolute opposite – empty rhetoric. Abbott took the soft option, the easy way. Any budget can be criticised on general principles but without saying what you would do if you were the government, it’s all hot air. And if he thinks attacking Gillard’s deliberate attempt to draw comparisons between the haves and the have-nots and ‘tax the rich’ appeals to the masses, guess what? The have-nots far outnumber those who were hit. It was a political budget for sure and a clear attempt to return to traditional Labor values. Unfortunately it falls under the category of ‘too little too late’ because even the battlers don’t like, trust or believe a word Gillard says anymore.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    Well I have now Damian but I have to ask what is it that gives you reason to cite it here?

  5. Leon Bertrand says:

    That peice is by no means a pwning of Abbott. In fact, its “points” are quite weak.

    Eg: tax to GDP is slighly lower these days, mainly because of non-discretionary fiscal policy due to sluggish economic growth. Meanwhile, this govt has introduced or increased alcopops, carbon, flood, luxury car and mining taxes. So it’s not from a want of trying that tax to GDP ratio is lower.

    Eg: Whether someone who earns over 60% above average wages is debatable. The term rich is relative. For example, every Australian is rich compared to most people in Zimbabwe.

    Eg: Abbott’s points about the budget having no plan for economic growth stands, in spite of the optimistic economic forecasts.

    I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the idea by now.

  6. Richard Ryan says:

    This is all hot air——Abbott will never be leader of this society——dark clouds are now gathering over Tony, as it should be, I will shed no tears for this failed cleric.

  7. GD says:

    Funny budget, or rather funny money. Seems Labor are quite happy with shuffling money backwards and forwards to make this year look good. Well, the promises for this year look good. But they’re all smoke and mirrors. Given that Labor are going to be turfed out on their arse, it really was a wasted exercise.

    Surplus? oh please, that is a joke.

    Thankfully most of the public think it’s a joke too.

    Even Leftist Michelle Grattin, writing for the Age, agrees,

    The Coalition would win an election now in a landslide swing of about 8 per cent.

    Read more here: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/political-news/poll-points-to-a-labor-rout-20120511-1yifl.html#ixzz1ua50JsTo

    Only just over a quarter of voters (27 per cent) said the budget – which contained an immediate cash splash for 1.3 million families with more handouts later – would leave them personally better off, with 43 per cent saying they would be personally worse off.

    The cash splash aimed at parents with children of school age is nothing new. That rebate has been available for some time. Trouble is those that couldn’t be bothered to keep receipts for school expenses, or didn’t spend their dosh on school expenses didn’t get to benefit from it. Now socialist Labor is splashing cash at every parent regardless of whether they incurred the costs or not. That sounds fair.

    Bullsh*t. If you can’t get off your arse to provide proof of expenditure you shouldn’t get the payment.

    As Harvey Norman said after the first cash splash,

    “our takings went through the roof for the first month then it was back to normal”.


    A sex business owner said,

    “While spending money on sex might not have been the intended use set out by the Government, the industry has heated up a lot,” reveals Ms Love. “Figures at Pentagon Grand have doubled, nearly tripled. And you can tell that this is mainly from the tax bonus, as people are paying in cash, not by credit card. It’s phenomenal.”

    The sex-toy trade has also been boosted by the Government hand-out.

    “We are seeing not only an increase in sales, but a trend towards the more expensive products,” says Liberator’s Nigel Hobbs. “I believe people really feel like treating themselves.” Sydney’s Twin Peeks has experienced a noticeable boost in trade following payouts of the stimulus incentive. “Since April, there has been a 20 per cent increase in business from the same period last year,” says Ms Bentley. Mackay’s Showbar 140 has seen a similar upward trend. “When the tax bonus came out, we were getting at least 100 more people in a week,” says Robson. “It was funny, some of the guys were actually saying, ‘This lappy’s on Kevvie!’, and now we have a lot more regular customers.”


    This, folks, is socialism at work.

    Free sex and no personal responsibility.

  8. Damian says:

    Iain, pls.

    I mentioned the article because you remarked that Abbott’s speech was an example of “truth”. A close look at what was said suggests several parts of the speech are anything but truthful.

  9. Damian says:

    GD, you wouldn’t know “socialism” if it bit you on the arse.

  10. damage says:

    On the subject of Mad Monks.

    Looking forward to Graigy’s scathing attack on Eastern clergy and Buddhists in general.

  11. damage says:

    At least he’s in the lotus position.

  12. Leon Bertrand says:


    As I pointed out above, that article you cite does not dent the truth of what Abbott was saying in his budget reply. The article is merely a list of weak pro-Labor retorts.

  13. Tony Abbott’s ‘I can save $50 Billion’ was nothing more than ‘mine’s bigger than yours’ grandstanding – and it’s phoney. All reasonable commentators have concluded that Labor’s budget is safe, practical and appropriate; it might not be the most inspiring ever put to us, but it’s certainly going to do the job of keeping our economy ticking over well.

  14. Richard Ryan says:

    Tony the wrecker—-if it was a “rabid dog” you would put a bit of lead behind the right ear, in it, with a double barrel shot-gun.

  15. Iain Hall says:

    Maybe its time you got a new record, because the one you have is stuck on repeat.

  16. GD says:

    I agree with Iain, Richard. You need a new record to play.
    How about this one? 🙂

  17. Richard Ryan says:

    AH GEE! SOB-SOB-SOB: Here we go again, all the bleeding hearts—-what do you expect, when you train Terrorists to fly planes—-get over it. The moral of the story—-don’t train terrorists to fly planes at flying schools—–if it’s an eye for eye mantra——lots and lots more Americans, due for natural wastage.

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