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Kate Miller Heidke, questions asked but answers lacking


My wife and daughter are fans of Kate Miller Heidke but I’m glad that I did not point out that she was appearing on Q&A on Monday night because to be honest she was well less than entertaining because she seemed to be rather unprepared to communicate in words rather than song:

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Clearly the message from this has to be to play to your strengths or if you are doing something as unrehearsed as a current affairs talk show then try to produce a witty one liner or two when you are called upon to give your views on the topic. Sadly we got several examples of “I don’t know” or “I have no opinion on that.” and the song that she sang at the end was hardly inspiring or that interesting either.
Hmm either the producer of the show or Kate Miller Heidke’s agent needs a severe talking to I think.

Cheers Comrades



  1. GD says:

    I thought Kate’s performance went exactly as planned. Clearly the producers didn’t expect any astute political reasoning from her. I can’t fathom their reasons for having her on the show, other than as a musical guest.

    However, as it turned out, she was suitably dippy to fulfil her role. Q&A has had Gen Y panelists in the past who have been well-informed speakers, on both sides of the divide. Kate perhaps was an example of what the rest of Gen Y and Z understand or care about politics.

    I found her refreshing in an obtuse way.

    Overall, I enjoyed this episode of Q&A. Unlike many others where the focus seemed to be on sneering at the conservative, this was calm and reasonably intelligent discussion. The business guy, Mark Bouris, was innocuous enough with just enough gravitas to pull off his credibility. Although his overwhelming support for Swanny saving the country from the GFC was a bit overdone.

    The Labor guy, Mark Butler, was surprisingly well-spoken, and even veered from the standard Labor script at times. His position as the minister for Mental Health and Aging is an important one and he obviously takes it seriously. I’d suggest that his reforms to aged care policy are not only important, but also one of the few successes Labor can claim.

    Liberal Kelly O’Dwyer spoke well, asking the obvious carbon tax question of Mark, ‘if you’re offering so much compensation, why are you even doing this?’

    Richo, as always, was value for money. Calling a spade a spade he said Labor are f*cked, but also admitted that even if Labor’s approval rating slid to 1%, he’d still vote Labor.

    ‘It’s in the DNA”.

    This helped me understand sandpit author Ray Dixon’s refusal to ditch Labor. It’s in the DNA apparently.

    As for Kate’s performance at the end, thumbs up. She played her own accompaniment on piano, the other two were merely window dressing. Her high pitched vocals and her dramatic lyrical songwriting, while very much in the style of Kate Bush, had a personal touch that transcended that influence.

    It was certainly an odd choice of song for a political show. Then again what would you suggest?

    The Impossible Dream

    What A Wonderful World

    Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  2. Richard Ryan says:

    Iain we can’t all be like your God idol—–Andrew Bolt. Talks the talk—-put a weapon like a AK-47 in his hands—–and he would shit himself. Sad but true.

  3. Richard Ryan says:

    Andrew Bolt, the Lord Ha Ha of the Australian media, and a former ABC Insider , at 800 dollars an appearance—-what a waste of public money

  4. Richard Ryan says:

    Who cares about online savaging? I don’t, bloggers who hide behind screen names, just like abortions—–

  5. Richard Ryan says:

    What about O’Dwyer? Costello’s replacement—-the bitch could talk under water, as for Costello wants his job back—-get f*cked he has been told more or less.

  6. Ray Dixon says:

    Heidke was pretty vacant between the ears and I thought her song was plain weird (something about a friend called Sarah who went missing for a few days, came home and said, “I don’t know why I left” Wow!) . But at least she wasn’t pretending to be anything other than what she is. O’Dwyer, on the other hand, is an ignoramus. And that head. That jaw!!

  7. Richard Ryan says:

    “That mouth!”—–O’ Dwyer would talk the teeth off a saw—–she never shuts her gob.

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