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Jo Chandler’s weekend away and her trip down memory lane

One of the staples of the travel section of any paper has to be the accommodation review which is often little more than an advetrorial and often given in exchange for a freebee offered to the author of the puff piece which is why I found the disclaimer at the end of Jo Chandler’s latest piece so amusing:

  All weekends away are conducted anonymously and paid for by Traveller.

The thought that came to mind for me was just how could Chandler, a well known journalist and  author,  meet the requirements of this disclaimer? Did she book the weekend under an assumed name? What she would think up as her “secret identity”?  Did she disguise her appearance with a wig and dark glasses? Maybe she took inspiration from a long dead author of depressive poetry and straightened her hair. Just how did she make herself “anonymous” enough   to meet the requirements of the article’s disclaimer?
Then again maybe it was just a nudge nudge wink wink arrangement with the owner of the cottage that meant that no questions or lies were exchanged …
 Cheers Comrades


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    So Jo’s been busted down to writing glossy tourism advertorials on local B&Bs now? That’s even lower down the pecking order than her gig writing on the Fuzzy Wuzzy happenings in remote PNG. What’s next, doing ‘street polls’?

    “All weekends away are conducted anonymously”

    Of course. That’s her usual M.O.

  2. cant you believe the tripe that this moron writes. Dont be fooled he is not shedding any light on anything. He lives a dual existence pretending to be someone of substance but he is just a pathetic wanker after all. Anybody who reads and believes anything this fools say is also a fool. Buh Buy

    ugly too

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Welcome to my blog Indi
    I think I can guess where you have come from 😉 and why you so disapprove of me, well frankly my dear I don’t give a damn!

    However you could really do with some work on your prose, in particular your spelling and grammar which is frankly worse than that produced by my seven year old son.

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