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Send this email to every Green you know

Dear fellow Earthian,

As you know, the carbon tax will come into effect later this year, and I will have to pay more for my electricity as a result.

As you also are no doubt aware, the reason we are having a carbon tax is because we ended up with a hung parliament after the last federal election. This resulted in the Greens, who received 11.76% of the vote in the House of Representatives, being able to impose a carbon tax when the vast majority of Australians voted for a party against any such tax.

I am writing to you because I believe that you are one of the 11.76% that voted Green at the last federal election, at least partly because you were in favour of what you would call ‘action on climate change’ ie: a carbon tax.

Unlike other taxes I pay, I will not be receiving any services in return for paying the carbon tax. At the last election, I voted against a carbon tax because I didn’t want one. Opinion polls confirm that the carbon tax has been passed into legislation against the will of the majority of Australians.

It may be that I will receive some compensation for the tax from the federal government. However, many Australians will not be fully ‘compensated’, particularly those who lose their jobs as a result of the carbon tax.

Furthermore, the compensation package is increased government expenditure and will exceed total revenues from the tax, even before you factor in the costs of administering this scheme. I will therefore have to pay back much of that compensation in years to come with compound interest.

In the circumstances, I believe that it is only fair that you pay the portion or percentage of my electricity bill that is due to the carbon tax.

Please confirm that you agree to this perfectly reasonable request. Once you have done so, I will forward to you my next electricity bill, along with my bank account details so that you can reimburse me for the cost of the carbon tax.

Yours in fairness,


  1. Ken Dally says:

    Unlike like you I care about the standard of living and the living conditions I leave behind for everybody’s children and grandchildren. So am willing to pay the minor impost of a price on carbon through a carbon trading scheme. I have to pay taxes on many things that I do not

    use or want but pay them as it is providing services for the majority of the society I live in.

    The only tax, in the sense that you seem to understand a tax that I totally object to is the fact that religious organisations, be they churches or even church owned companies such as Sanitarium do not pay tax. This is a major imposition on society imposed on those regardless of if you believe in faerie tales or not.

    The strange thing about science is that the truth can be revealed even if you don’t like what the answer is. In the case of Anthropogenic Global Warming it’s an answer that nobody really wanted to be true but the truth doesn’t care about opinions. It is what it is. My apologies if you are not a science denier but you will excuse the misinterpretation as you sure sound like one. If however you are a science denier please renounce the retrieval of any medical care, your computer, internet, car, kitchen appliances and you house. In fact virtually anything that in a modern western society that you may be surrounded with as you can’t possibly believe or be tricked into using any of it as it was all provided by science.

    So no I will not be paying your part of any increased costs due to carbon trading. In fact I feel that you should pay my portion as I have already moved to providing my own solar hot water and a large portion of my own electricity needs.

  2. Craigy says:

    Leon, I assume you will be writing a post about the extra tax you have to pay because the DLP (Abbott and his Catholic mates) will remove the mining super profit tax?

    What about when they make Abortion illegal? Are you going to be happy paying all that extra tax to fund the extra parenting payments to single mums? I know your leaders don’t care about social issues Leon, it’s all about the bigger incomes for those ‘battlers’ like you isn’t it? (BTW. I think they have you hoodwinked, with ‘Workchoices’ coming back no ‘battler’ like you will be better off)

    I know it’s impossible for you to have any balance when it comes to the competing needs of your pocket vs. the environment or the poor. Your pocket wins ever time. Fair enough, you don’t hide the fact that you support the new Christian Conservatives on the right, who in turn support only the big end of town. (As I said, I’m not sure how the rich paying less tax helps the ‘battlers’).

    Anyway, I understand how hard it must be for people to afford that new LCD TV or new BMW, it’s just not fair, they work hard, why should they give anything to that 16 year old mum, and what makes us think we should tax the richest people in the world a bit more – don’t they pay enough!!

    Who cares about enviromental science and the damage we are doing in the name of huge profits for a few, WE NEED POWER FOR OUR TV SETS, so we can watch ’The Bolt Report’ and find out what to think about the world and so as to reinforce our entitlement to live life large while others suffer, because we WORK HARD!1!

    You go for it Leon, your wet dream of an Abbott Government is coming your way soon.

    Bloody looney Greens, caring for people and the environment, how dare they!
    Show me the Money!

  3. Leon Bertrand says:


    Your comment has grossly misrepresented my views. If you really thnk those are my beliefs, then I’m afraid you don’t understand me at all.

    Likewise, your claims that the federal Coalition will reintroduce WorkChoices and make aborion illegal are absurd.

  4. Craigy says:

    I think I’ve represented you very well, if your posts here really represent your views Leon.

    You call for the Government to refund the bit of ‘tax’ you don’t like paying. As I said, your hip pocket is all that matters to you, screw those who need government services that work and screw the environment.

    Anyway, why are you not claiming money back from the companies that have increased the price of power in the past few years by massively more than the Carbon price ever will? I thought selling them off to private firms would mean prices come down? Please explain Leon.

    And you know very well that if Abbott wins both houses in the next election that he and Joe will bring in ‘workchoices2’. It’s a natural fit for the party of big business. They have done a good job of hoodwinking large numbers of blue collar workers with their fake anti Tax stance and the appalling attacks on refugees, but those workers will regret voting Liberal when they get given the new individual workplace agreement to sign and lose their entitlements under an Abbott led government.

    It is also clear that with the Liberal party dominated by Conservative Catholics, that the fight against abortion being waged by a few nutters will get his support. His religious leader tells him that is what he should do. He may not be able to make it illegal but the religious tail will be waging the Liberal dog, to use Iain’s analogy. So it is in no way absurd.

    We have seen all the wingnut Green smears and the ALP have their problems, but when you look at Abbott and the Liberal party and what they stand for and what they have done in the past…..well…..God help us if there is one.

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  6. Ray Dixon says:

    Congratulations Leon. Your email has brought AOL to a stand still for an entire 7 days. It’s like he’s stuck on it.

  7. Leon Bertrand says:

    lol. Do you think I should take the credit?

    Notice how he stopped quoting from our email debate once it as apparent he was being dominated.

  8. Iain Hall says:

    Yes Leon and also once it was clear he was loosing you could not fail to notice that our learned friend became more and more abusive

  9. Ray Dixon says:

    And now even the comments have dried up. It’s a hiatus.

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