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Richo,the gangrenous limb and members of the the rub and tug profession.

The Craig Thompson affair must go down in history as one of the lowest of the many low points for Labor under the Gillard regime and it may yet prove to be the gangrenous limb that kills that governemnt, In today’s Oz Richo does very good job of explaining why the necrotic tissue is giving of a very foul stench and why it is so toxic to the body of the Labor party and the Union movement  :

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When will this scandal ever end? Its so obvious that every man and his dog have been given the “Go slow” order on this and I have no doubt that we will be still talking about the scandal next April as the governemnt holds power entirely because of Thompson’s vote. But I can’t help wondering if one of the tarts who were paid with a HSU credit card might just come forward and tell the nation just who it was she serviced in those incriminating transactions on Thompson’s HSU credit card…
Now wouldn’t that be a feeding frenzy for the tabloid TV and newspapers? I don’t usually support chequebook journalism but for this scandal I think I could make an exception after all after admitting being with Thompson what working girl could expect to be well paid in the the rub and tug profession?
Cheers Comrades


  1. Leon Bertrand says:

    This is a total farce.

    I was disapointed to hear yesterday from George Brandis that the Coalition will keep Fair Work Australia. I think FWA has demonstrated why it should be scrapped.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    I agree that its a farce Leon, and one that you could not credibly make up, but I suspect that what Brandis was saying has more to do with not scaring the horses voters with the spectre of workchoices than any endorsement of this retrograde quango.

  3. Paul says:


    Happy easter Iain I hope you had a good easter.

    I just can’t believe this mob, what a bunch of jokers. This is a cancer at the heart of our democacy. Bring on an election I say.


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