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Jeremy’s hissy fit about Queensland conservative whitewash


As we all know, Jeremy Sear hates it when Australian conservatives win elections. His ragings against the Baillieu government in his home state are infamous. Moreover, his dislike of Tony Abbott, who is poised to be Australia’s next Liberal PM, is palpable. Jeremy, a self-appointed guardian of intellectual honesty, even blames Abbott for low consumer confidence in Australia. Really.

In his latest post, Jeremy vents about the Queensland state election whitewash, which saw Labor reduced to a netball team. Now I also thought that the result was a little too one-sided, and that QLD Labor didn’t deserve this, in spite of their faults. But Jeremy’s response is so irrational it beggars belief.

Jeremy’s first great gripe is that former NRL referee Tim Mander, who won a seat at the election, is… wait for it… (gasp) a former head of the scripture union! According to Jeremy, this means that: “your little tyke’s going to be tricked into permanently associating spirituality with Christianity before he or she has finished learning to read”.

Jeremy then suggests that the emphatic election result means that Queensland will experience “a glorious return of the Joh era”. Presumably this means that street protests in Queensland will be banned shortly, and police corruption will become rampant very quickly. You read it at Jeremy’s blog first.

Jeremy considers himself to be a political commentator who should be taken seriously.

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