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I love this and find it really funny hence I have re-blogged you post
Cheers Comrade

Geek Mädel

As part of my long-term challenge to learn German, I’m watching much more German TV than I used to to improve my ability to understand spoken German. Since I’m watching more TV, I’m also watching more ads.  I’m enjoying this as I am starting to get a better understanding of the products available for sales.  The majority of them are the same as you can buy nearly everywhere else in the world, but once in a while you come across a product that makes you think ‘what the?’

As I sat and watch Game of Thrones in German, an ad for this product came on

Floor cleaner that smells like New Zealand

That’s right, your floors can smell like New Zealand!

I’m not exactly sure what New Zealand is supposed to smell like.  Sheep? Hobbits? Or why on earth anyone would want their floors to smell like New Zealand.  It…

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  1. Riayn says:

    Thanks for the reblog 🙂

  2. Iain Hall says:

    No, thank you for sharing such an amusing piece of cross cultural trivia.

  3. Paul says:


    Remenber when John Howard looked like Mr Muscle! Hahaha that was funny.


  4. Paul says:

    Oops I meant Mr Sheen of course. How do you erase comments on a blog Iain?

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