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It is really good to see when an Uber-lefty finally sees the light that those of us unfettered by the scourge of naive idealism have been well aware of for ages.
I liked this post well enough to feature it at my own humble abode, now all that you have to work on are some of your other erroneous notions about politics, but that is as they say, a story for another day.

Cheers Comrade Mike



  1. Ray Dixon says:

    He’s just saying that he’s giving up one aspect of Twitter – the jumping on a cause trend because, you know, it’s trendy. No disrespect meant to Mike but it’s like a kid saying “here mummy, I don’t need this toy anymore – but I’m keeping the rest”. It wasn’t worth him blogging about it either.

  2. Paul says:


    I don’t understand the difference between Twitter and bloging, they seem to be exactly the same thing to me. Do you have a Twitter?


  3. Ray Dixon says:

    On Twitter you have a comment limit of 140 characters. Yours would fit, Paul. It also tends to have no thread. It’s disorderly, kinda like a mad person’s breakfast – all over the place. It’s not a serious medium for debating topics. It’s not a serious medium for even raising them. It’s for children and idiots.

    No, I don’t have a Twitter account.

  4. Paul says:

    Fair enough Ray. It seems pretty popular though, even Rupert Murdock is on there I think I saw that in the newspaper once. Sometimes when I’m reading the paper or watching TV it just seems to be a reprint or rebroadcast of whats happening on Twitter. Do you reckon that means something like public conversation about important topics like politics is getting dumber down?

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