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Some happy music for a great day, or Bye Bye Bligh!

Well the sun has come out after a week of wet and dreary days and I can’t help thinking that there is something most apt about that, given that we go to the polls today which will means the end of what has proven to be a very bad government. We all know that they are going to lose very badly indeed, the question is  who will try to lead the ALP survivors out of the political wilderness? I can’t help wondering if Anna Bligh is hoping that she will share John Howard’s fate and conveniently lose her own seat so that she won’t have to endure the torture and shame of being a member of   that depression club that will be the Queensland  Labor parliamentary party room (meeting place, a phone box in George street)

Cheers indeed Comrades




  1. Ray Dixon says:

    I would like to remind you, Iain, of the post you made the morning of the last Queensland election where you prematurely celebrated, only to find Bligh did the impossible and won the unwinnable election, while ‘The Borg’ managed to lose the unloseable.

    It was a severe case of egg meet face.

    Well, no one, not even me, expects Bligh to win this time but I hope it is not the wipeout that is being predicted. I’m sure that even you would agree that ain’t good for democracy. You talk about the Bligh govt being “very bad” but you are kidding me if you think the little ‘bribe taker’ Newman will be anything other than a return to the glory days of back room shady deals. Be careful what you wish for.

    What’s your tip on the seat count? I’d give mine but first off – how many seats are there?

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    Wipeout. It’s the worst result Qld could give themselves. And they’ve done Abbott no favours. I’ll explain why early in the week.

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