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Juliar and Bob’s ponzi wealth prospects look bleak

To run a successful ponzi scheme you need a couple of things working for you. in the first instance you need to have a large pool of the foolish who will believe your spin about investing in your scheme and you need to be able to demonstrate that those “in on the ground floor” are getting the magical returns that you claim in your prospectus. When your Ponzi scheme is all about “carbon credits” you need to demonstrate that the units that you are selling at a fixed price are a ” Good deal” there in lays the problem for the Labor/Greens Carbon tax/trading scheme:

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Sadly for the nation in general and anyone in business in particular the architects of this already discredited scheme are so committed to it (and they have already spent the expected revenue) that they no longer care that it is destined to be a terrible burden upon the Australian people and one of the reasons that Labor will  have a very long term booking at the wilderness Hilton
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