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The highest urination up the wall game when it comes big sporting events

The election up here is now getting very close indeed and if you watch any commercial TV you will see the ads from all and sundry, Labor are going the personal smear on Campbell Newman but the LNP have a much more potent tool in the media battle for the hearts, minds and most importantly the votes of Queenslanders. They have the record of the Bligh governemnt which is pretty shoddy by any standards, from promising not to sell the state’s assets and then doing so  to not being able to pay its nurses properly the Labor administration has stuffed up on every level imaginable now we face the possibility that the Commonwealth games to be held on the Gold Coast will prove to be a huge financial burden upon the people of Queensland as well.

While Treasurer Andrew Fraser yesterday insisted the village would be delivered within its original budget set by the bid team of $48.9 million, the discrepancy exposes the risk carried by the Government as it builds the 1338-unit athlete village.
It is banking on a massive return when it on-sells the units as student accommodation and affordable apartments to recoup millions outlaid in building.

But the Coordinator-General is worried that would not be achievable, according to the leaked documents, which are marked “hot issue” and “protected”.

According to the document, the Coordinator-General thinks the final cost to taxpayers is more likely to reach between $120 million and $208 million.

Mr Fraser admitted returns would be at the whim of the property market but he said the Government would protect itself by constructing and releasing the units in stages, rather than flooding the market. Some units would already be sold and lived in before the Games, he said, with owners signing agreements to vacate the buildings during the event.


Ray may be right that I “don’t get sport” but I do get that the real contest at events like the Commonwealth Games is for prestige and the race is won with public opinion rather than any particular finishing line and frankly I’m actaully rather unimpressed by the whole thing and the fact that its become something of a pissing contest to see who can build the most useless sporting facilities that will forever Blight our landscape. Architects and builders love it because they get to build some horrendous monuments to their egos, and they hope to make a quid or to from the process but the ordinary people who live in the shadows of this orgy of sporting onanaism have their lives disrupted and blighted, sometimes for years, just so some polies can have their photo ops with various over trained and over indulged athletes…

Hmm Sorry for the cynical tone but I have not yet had my breakfast of champions today…
Cheers Comrades


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