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I tend to agree with the general argument here about he virtue of blogging however I think that the author  makes the mistake of forgetting that for most political bloggers the issues are the number one priority. However for the “MSM” the imperative is different, namely the need to make a profit, that commercial purpose makes far more difference to what is published and how the subject is treated than the political desires of the gatekeepers of the MSM.
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The internet has created an arena where everyone can be a journalist.  All a person needs is an opinion.

Up until recently, people in democratic societies wishing to have their ideas and opinions published had to contend with editorial policies that were generally based on the ideology of the editors, and of course, on what was sellable.  However, this regime of control over what content is allowed to emerge is collapsing in today’s world of participatory media.

Today’s audience want to be part of the media, rather than passive receivers. Not only do they want to comment on the news, they want to be part of creating it.

Hence, many bloggers consider themselves ‘citizen journalists’ and believe they are better suited to provide the diversity that today’s democracies need, yet which are often ignored by traditional journalists.  Citizen journalism hence advances the opportunity for bloggers to expose doctored or omitted…

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  1. Catching up says:

    So the MSM has decided that truth does not make money. I hope that is not so.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    That is not what I am talking about CU , Its my belief that the chattering classes think that papers are all about the news and politics where as I would argue that for most people reading the paper (or their cyber analogues) is as much about entertainment and diversion as it is about engagement with the politics of the nation. So the successful media entities have to provide a broad buffet for their readers otherwise they fold. In any event when it comes to covering politics what the truth actaully is can often not be discovered from just the bare facts.

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