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Daniel Burt: twits and twats

While we are in a light headed hearted mood this piece from the Age today is amusing:

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I look froward to a response from the good doctor Jason Wilson explaining what these words said in jest are not true, but then I am also still looking forward to that latte…
Cheers Comrades


  1. I look froward to a response from the good doctor Jason Wilson explaining what these words said in jest are not true

    Okay Iain I will make a, you know, cameo appearance for you and impart my expert opinion: Burt is wrong and he’s not even funny. If you want to see how serious and hilarious Twitter is as a social platform and topical debating tool just read my tweets … please. I am only up to 40,429 tweets but I must be saying something worthwhile because I have 3,301 followers, which is 40 more than the number of people I follow. Forty people can’t be wrong Iain!!!

  2. Iain Hall says:

    But why is he wrong Jason?
    I do read your tweets (well when I bother with twitter I do) and they are sometimes witty and amusing (thanks for the occasional mention BTW)but the medium is often like the search for alluvial gold, you know you have to sift through an awful lot of dull gravel before you see some colour. Then again I don’t have a fancy phone so I never watch such things in real time and in order, however I suspect that many of your 3,301 followers are rather like my newest twitter fan, who mysteriously started following me after I mentioned Golf in a blog post title tweeted automatically when I posted it to the blog.

  3. Iain, my followers are like disciples. They hang on my every word.

  4. Dr Jason Wilson says:

    Iain I just realised that my first comment here today exceeded the 140 character limit. Would you edit it down for me please? This proves that blogging is a bad influence and makes people waffle on … like I do on The Drum.

  5. Dr Jason Wilson says:

    Btw Iain, I am a parody. Of myself.

  6. Iain Hall says:

    Don’t beat your self up over your Drum pieces Jason because I can save you the trouble by savaging those opinions without mercy here 🙂

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