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This is a post from a true believer in AGW and I am re-blogging it because I appreciate Robert’s admission that many of those who believe in AGW do so from a religious conviction. This is a rather rare admission from a Climate change believer as people of this faith are usually rather coy about the religious nature of this modern millenarian faith.

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I have written a great deal about climate change and sometimes I must stop to remember for whom I am writing. Some would say that I am preaching in my writing. There are many people who read the words that I write and disagree with them. These people do not accept that climate change is happening. Others do accept that climate change is happening but do not believe that it is largely caused by human activity. I expect that my words to have no influence of these people. After all, their minds are made up and their rejection of the theories that many accept is my experience tells me, nothing that I can change.

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