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On Common Ground? Questioning Finkelstein’s Media Inquiry assumptions

I don’t always agree with Derek but on this occasion I do so I commend his post to the Sandpit’s readers.

Woolly Days

I’ve just finished reading Bruce Guthrie’s hugely enjoyable autobiography Man Bites Murdoch. Guthrie was the editor of Australia’s biggest selling daily, the Melbourne Herald-Sun before being sacked in 2008. Guthrie sued for wrongful dismissal and gleefully turned News Corp’s courtroom embarrassment into a fine read. Guthrie was a hugely experienced editor who had two stints with News Ltd and also worked for Fairfax and Time Magazines. What most stands out is the dysfunctional management he had to deal with at every turn. Only in the early days of his stay at Time did Guthrie ever feel that management were on the same wavelength as the editor and even that was short-lived after the disastrous corporate merger with AOL.

I was thinking about this as I read the opening sentences to Justice Ray Finkelstein’s opening remarks in his long-awaited Australian media inquiry. “There is common ground among all those…

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