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A very nice take down of Michael Mann

The View From Here

March 9, 2011: Please note updates at the end of this post -hro

“They’re street fighters and we’re Cub Scouts,” says [Michael] Mann. “The Cub Scouts are going to lose this fight if we don’t become more wily.” [Source]

In Dr. Judith Curry’s week in review, she notes and asks:

The climate wars have continued this week, aided and abetted by the Gleick affair.

Climate warriors


The LA Times has a lengthy article on Michael Mann’s new book: The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars. Has anyone read this yet? I read the 2+ chapters available for free at amazon.com. [Much of the] LA Times review reads like it could have been written by Michael Mann himself […] [emphasis added -hro]

Unlike Peter Gleick, my ethics do not permit me to “review” a book I have not read. But in the interest of full…

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