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Peter Gleick: MacArthur Genius and America’s Dumbest Criminal.

This is a post to fill in your time until the big show on Monday and its a post for Craigy and in particular PKD who really wants to belive the great conspiracy theory about the big evil fossil fuel industry subverting those peons of virtue the “climate scientists” by dissembling about  the “settled science” sadly for the Gaian faithful it turns out that the latest “scandal”  has backfired in the most spectacular manner possible because rather than being the Eco Hero of his foetid imaginings it turns out that Peter Gleick  is one of the dumbest criminals going. Over to Steve Macintyre who puts it beautifully:

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You could not read this story and fail to be amused by the utter dumbness of Peter Gleick and his innate vanity bringing him down the one thing that it screams to me is that if this man is a shining light of “climate science” then those of us who want to learn the truth had better invest invest in some night vision goggles, because the light that they are shining is infinitesimally dim.

  Cheers Comrades

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