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Fun with the soap opera, or who will survive?


A hilarious song that has a certain prophetic quality given the events of recent days and in the light of the fact that Anthony Albanese has declared for Rudd Ray may just be breaking out the bubbly on Monday after all, the rest of us will try not point out that the Good ship Gillard Labor has a very large gash in her side and it is taking water fast  but at least  there is lots of ice for those last drinks….

Cheers Comrades



  1. Leon Bertrand says:

    That’s a great take on a classic song.

    I also like this one from about 5 years ago:

  2. Iain Hall says:

    and who can forget this gem about Kevin?

  3. Ray Dixon says:

    Rudd will certainly “survive” beyond tomorrow’s ballot, which was brought on by Gillard and planned (just like she planned his overthrow in 2010). I agree with what Rudd said on Ch 9 this morning – that since then Gillard & co have set out to justify his removal culminating this week in blaming him for her poor showing in the polls. Hell, she’s even blaming him for nearly losing the 2010 election, which was her own doing. Sure, Rudd may have been griping behind the scenes – so what? But, as Rudd also said, he didn’t promise “no carbon tax”, he didn’t renege on a deal with Wilkie and he didn’t propopse the ill-fated East Timor & Malaysia solutions for boat people. Gillard & co have used the past week to drive another knife into Rudd but if he gets a reasonable vote (and I’d suggest anything with a 3 in front of it is a strong showing) he’ll simply go to the back bench and shut up. And wait. And wait … until Gillard’s polling gets so bad that her own caucus removes her and drafts Rudd back in. I’d give her 3 – 6 months before that happens. No more. Then again, tomorrow is a secret ballot, so we never know if all those ‘Rudd haters’ will act on preservation, as they should.

  4. Iain Hall says:

    love this cartoon Ray:

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