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Kevin Rudd resigns as Foreign Minister



Game ON!!!!!

Cheers Comrades



  1. GD says:

    A very clever move by Rudd, and one that shows what his intentions were all along. ‘Happy Little Vegemite’ my arse.

  2. Ray Dixon says:

    As I said on the other thread, he will win. If not on Monday certainly within a few months. Gillard should just step down because the fact is the electorate hate her and she cannot win the next election. If they keep her they face a wipeout. Her backers, if they are really thinking of the party AND the country, should convince her to resign and not re-contest, paving the way for Rudd to walk back into the office. The one he should never have been booted out of.

  3. Simon says:

    As pointed out on Ten’s evening news he didn’t announce a challenge. I’m thinking if there is a poll called he wont stand. Kevin is going to go to Queensland and help with the election there.

    Re: Creen and Swan’s comments. I can’t help thinking how damaging it looks to Australia’s image that if Kevin Rudd is such a dysfunctional politician why have him has Foreign Affairs?

  4. Ray Dixon says:

    Simon, I think he’ll be ‘doing the rounds’ over the next few days to see if he has enough support. The big thing Rudd has going for him is his popularity with the voters and that might sway a few so-called Gillard supporters to back him as the best bet against Abbott. But if he finds there’s not enough support for a challenge then he’ll simply not nominate when Gillard calls the spill on Monday and just let her have a meaningless, no contest. Then he just waits. Gillard has slipped up by already announcing there’ll be a spill.

    And I agree that Crean and especially Swan have gone way over the top in their criticisms of someone they previously supported as a senior member of the Government. Rudd has been pretty cool headed actually, and has let them do all the talking.

  5. Richard Ryan says:

    Firstly the faceless men must be wiped off the face of this earth, and then we can get down to business.I am a great fan of the mantra—–political power comes out of the barrel of a gun. Just ask them in Iraq.

  6. Richard Ryan says:

    Maybe we can invite the Yanks in to do the job, like they did in Iraq, Afghanistan,Pakistan,Panama? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Shalom, Richard Ryan.PS. Don’t talk about it do it,

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