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Blokes who notice those bouncing boobies


I’m a bloke, so its in my DNA to like looking at the female of the species and I am not ashamed to admit it either. If they were being honest I think most other men would agree that they are precisely the same (well except for our friends on the other team). But we humble blokes have to negotiate a minefield when it comes to enjoying what we see. If we are too flagrant about it some women take offence. Frankly that strikes me as being something of a double standard, akin to an advertiser getting upset that the  audience notices their product.

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Of course we blokes should treat all women with respect but as Bettina Arndt suggests isn’t it time that women realise that if you put on a display  then ordinary blokes will notice and when they do don’t get offended.

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  1. Simon says:

    A timely post to retell a conversation that happened over Friday’s BBQ. The guests were made up of my wife’s friends and a few tagalongs. After a few wines one voluminous lady told us how her husband had insisted that she change her top before going out (which she hadn’t) as he had been worried “the girls” were to much on display and she might sleep with someone else. In his absence he was roundly ridiculed by the estrogen society.

    As my gaze was drawn to the orbs in question while other women present complimented her on how genetically blessed she’d been it occurred to me that females are well aware of the affect their dressing can have, that the same things men find attractive in their ensemble women like “to look nice”, and that while some men might interpret such displays as a precursor to sex women just want a degree of appreciation shown – which is probably the truth behind the skit.

  2. Richard Ryan says:

    The oldest drinking vessels in the world—-TITS, get over it Iain.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    I have no need to “get over” tits I like the look of a nice pair mate and I am not too PC to say so.


    Its a strange world out there when it comes to relationships isn’t it?
    Displays of flesh are all about advertising but what precisely the product on offer is and who the intended audience for such display often eludes us poor blokes. I can’t help thinking though that for many women its just a ” arms tits race” with their pals and that any male attention that results from such display is little more than collateral damage

  4. Iain Hall says:

    An interesting response from our learned friend on the same Age piece:

    Jeremy Sear

    Posted February 12, 2012 at 5:37 pm | Permalink

    The main problem is that everybody likes to make assumptions about other people’s behaviour based on stereotypes about gender.

    A man might assume that if a woman’s breasts are visible then she’s a “slut” who wants him to have sex with her, or she is deliberately and cruelly toying with his libido. He forgets that he can dress however he likes and it doesn’t mean that anyone who might be attracted to him has a right to have their way with him. If he exposes flesh, it doesn’t mean he’s “easy” or “avaialble”. It doesn’t mean he’s teasing all the women and men he meets in some cruel power play.

    A woman might assume that if a man looks at her breasts he’s not taking her seriously as a person, or is a risk of making an unwanted pass or worse. She forgets that if she sees someone in whom she’s attracted and observers the sexual characteristics of that person, it doesn’t mean she’s devaluing that person, or that she’s planning to force herself on him or her.

    How about we look at it in terms of freedoms. People should be free to wear what they like, and it doesn’t give another person rights over them. Similarly, people are free to look at what they like, and it doesn’t give another person the right to demand that they don’t look at what’s in front of them.

    Oh, and any defence of behaviour that relies on “but I’m genetically predisposed to do it!” is pretty embarrassing.

    Apart from the usual bullshit PC caveats there are even a couple of points that I agree with. 😉

  5. damage says:

    Actually Iain as a dare I went to a social occasion recently in a village people type costume. No shirt, but a leather waist coat. Very camp, but that was the style of the night.
    Anyhow as the night got on it became evident that myself and another fellow similarly attired were going to be the centre of some female attention. My goodness those girls have multicultural Metacarpi. Roman hands and Russian fingers.
    Anyway my wife – who thought the whole thing a joke to begin with – ordered me to pop on a t-shirt. That done the attention stopped. My companion became the single patsy and was offered all kinds of gratification by women who’s husbands were present.
    Blokes are only half the problem. It was both exciting and distressing (as opposed to dis-dressing) to be the object of this kind of attention. One doubts that the learned one has ever been so viewed, but he’s not far off with his assessment.
    On his last point.
    Does this mean he is anti gay?
    Appears so.

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