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Gillard’s political deathbed delusions

I have just listened to the interview between Julia Gillard and Mike Willesee. In it she cites the following reasons for why she is not liked:

1) the fact that she is a woman (she doesn’t say it, but implies it). This theory of course fails to explain why she was popular in her first couple of months of being PM. It also fails to sufficiently take into account all the factors listed below.

2) the “relentless negativity” of those who oppose her broken promise on the carbon tax. Perhaps instead of blaming people for criticising her over the broken promise she should look at the broken promise itself.

There are many reasons why she is unpopular. Most of those have to do with her integrity, of lack thereof. Perhaps the PM should gloss over the following list:

1) Broken carbon tax promise

2) Betrayal of Andrew Wilkie on pokies

3) Standing by Craig Thompson

4) Her office inciting what was arguably a mino race riot on Australia Day.

5) School hall ripoffs

6) Backflips and debacles on boat people

7) Rolling Kevin Rudd (note: I don’t hold anything against her for this one)

8) Denying that she broke her carbon tax promise or her deal with Andrew Wilkie

9) Sleazy deal with Peter Slipper

If any male politician was responsible for this list of sleazyness and incompetence, he too would be looking at similar levels of unpopularity. If Gillard really believes her own tripe, she is very seriously deluded.

Rudd and Gillard have together led the ALP to ruin and made Australia a weaker nation. How ironic that Rudd may yet get his old job back.


  1. Iain Hall says:

    Spot on with this one Leon

  2. Thanks Iain.

    It’s human nature to blame others for your own failures. People who don’t succeed often have victim complexes. Not particularly surprising that Gillard is no different in this respect.

  3. Simon says:

    A salient list Leon of what has gone wrong with Prime Minister Gillard’s playing of the political game. The “flip-flops” as Americans would call most of those points has created a genuine credibility issue.

    As an aside, to seal the deal with the Australian people Tony Abbot needs to resist the urge to try and one-up interviewers, even during comedy segments. Using the recent example of the fatal grounding of the Costa Concordia a simple uncomfortable chuckle with a “Oh, that’s a bit harsh (mate).” was all he had to say.

  4. Yes, Abbott has had his own slip ups.

    In terms of bad Coalition policy, Abbott should drop his ‘direct action’ emissions plan, as well as his paid maternity scheme. Both of them are expensive money wasters and blunt the Opposition’s attack on Labor in this area.

  5. GD says:

    This list of political delusions isn’t confined to Gillard alone, it belongs to the Labor Party, to the caucus and to the faceless men who apparently are the real power behind these lacklustre politicians.

    It began the day after they were elected, with Rudd’s immature notions for the nation. The wasteful and misguided stimulus, the dismantling of Howard’s refugee solution, the pink batts, and the reliance on Gen Y graduates rather than experienced political and media advisors.

    Perversely, Labor recognised this and dumped him, only to choose an even less able person for the top job. As Peter Reith said today on the Bolt Report,

    ‘She simply isn’t any good at the job. She’s not up to it.’

    Gillard has added to Rudd’s mistakes with equally ill-advised initiatives such as the BER, and in addition compounded the damage with the unwanted and unnecessary carbon tax.

    Sometimes there aren’t enough paragraphs in a comment. Like the TV ad says, but wait, there’s more. Probably the most resounding damage Labor has wrought on the Australian economy, not to mention the $200+ billion deficit, has to be the winding back of the industrial laws to what we had in the seventies.

    Is it any surprise we now have a 10+% official unemployment rate?

  6. Richard Ryan says:

    Terminal! Ah YES——the delusions of a right wing—–dream on. As for Abbott, he is a mealy mouthed Rhodes Scholar F### Wit. Shalom.

  7. Richard Ryan says:

    If ye guys could stop hanging out of the Yanks——like dags on a sheep’s crutch, the political thinking process would gain some common sense. Shalom.

  8. Richard Ryan says:

    Imagine Abbott, and his disciples, Cardinal Pell, Bolt, 50/50 Pretty/Ugly Rhine-Heart, having a say in the running of this country—just too horrible to imagine. Shalom.

  9. Craigy says:

    And with all the troubles the PM has, Tony Abbott is still less popular than her….

    Leon, when do you think Tony should go, seeing as polling is your preferred method of deciding leadership?

  10. Richard Ryan says:

    IF Tony Abbott ever becomes leader of this country—–I will never forgive Gillard or the ALP—-along with the mealy mouthed shock jocks, Blair, Bolt, Akerman, and hessian bag Alan Jones.

  11. Iain Hall says:

    while you are compiling your hate list don’t forget the loopy Greens who forced Gillard to intoduce the hated carbon tax, or the votors who can’t stomoch the woman’s constat lies and deceptions.

  12. wasleft says:

    My dislike for Gillard piqued when she shook Tony Abbott’s hand and said “Game on” when she first became Prime Minister. I thought it at best not very Prime Ministerial and at worst arrogant and offensive. So now, I think I’d prefer her to hang around until the next election (or government collapse), ensuring Labor defeat. Maybe Abbott should steal a line from Keating, “I want to do you slowly”.

  13. GD says:

    ‘mealy mouthed shock jocks’, hmm…an oxymoron RR.

  14. GD says:

    wasleft, Abbott, and the majority of Australian voters, will have great satisfaction in saying ‘game off’.

  15. Richard Ryan says:

    Karma will take care of Abbott, before he ever gets a chance to take on Gillard, as it should be. Just look at the F*** Wit, years ago looking for his love-child (bastard) in the TV series, ” where are you son?”, what a f…ing joke. Shalom.

  16. Richard Ryan says:

    AS for mealy mouthed——-this is a virus picked up from the Americans——such as– do as I say, not as I do, examples, bomb Vietnam back to the stone age, Syria—–this is terrible says Uncle Sam, we don’t supply the weapons China and Russia do. Iraq when at war with Iran, supplied arms to Saddam—–ha=ha Saddam has weapons of mass destruction—of course they have the Americans supplied them. America is Terminal. say it slowly——America— is—- Terminal, now that was not hard to say. Shalom.

  17. Richard Ryan says:

    AS for hessian bags—–I hope they are made in Australia.

  18. Richard Ryan says:

    MORE unbias comments later.

  19. Steve says:

    Absent from the list above is: The live cattle export debacle.

    The prime minister turned an industry upside down on no more evidence than uncritical acceptance of something that was on a TV screen.

    This was noted by every small business in the nation. It is a deed worthy of the death penalty.
    Instead she’ll recieve an annuity & other perks.

  20. Luzu says:

    Your mocking of Tony Abbott when he was attempting to find a child he thought was his is low, even for you. How about some shame for the slut of a woman who was screwing two men at the same time and lacked the decency and honesty to tell Abbott what she’d done?
    Put yourself in his shoes for a moment. He’s landed with the news he has a long-lost child, makes an attempt to have some sort of relationship with him, only to find out the mother has cheted on him with another man and the person he thought was his son is nothing of the sort.. And all this in the public eye. But, then again, RR, people such as yourself have no fellow feeling or compassion, despite your noisy and continued protestations to the contrary. Shame on you.

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