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The shareholder that they love to hate

I bet there will be fear and loathing in the Latte dens this morning as the Luvvies discover that the woman who backs Andrew Bolt’s TV show on makes a bid to own more of Fairfax media.

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I expect that our learned friend will be going bright red with rage at the idea that someone should dare to exercise their right to buy shares in a public company and the thought that this person, GASP!! may not have the right ideological underwear to suitably nurture the collective at the Age. I wonder if Bolshie “senior” writers like Jo Chandler are, as you read this post, plotting to organise staff protests to let the public know that the “Journos (and senior writers) united will never be defeated” Isn’t this all just a rich vein for the Luvvies to deliver an angst riven campaign about the evils of the right?

Ah, we live in interesting times…
Cheers Comrades



Our learned friend goes for the sour grapes approach to this news

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