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Frog Soup

While we deal with too much water per se up here in Queensland down Canberra way the political water which surrounds the embattled Prime minister just continues to get warmer with former supporter and all round  nut job Andrew Wilkie now saying that he will support an, as yet unmooted by the opposition, motion of no confidence in the government.

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Of course all it needs now is just one of the members  that Gillard currently counts upon to cross the floor and Gillard and her motley crew would be gone. Sadly I don’t see it happening, mainly because we have a slowly boiling frog situation here in this parliament and I can’t see any of the government  MPs leaping out of the pot  no matter how uncomfortable the water temperature is getting.  What it boils down to is that Labor members have two choices: stay in the pot with Gillard or leap into the fire of voter anger over her incompetence. Which is something like Hobbson’s choice  if you ask me.

Frankly I expect that what we will see, over the near future, is just some slowly simmering frog soup flavoured by the bitter disappointment of Labor’s true believers (like our Ray 😉  ) who know the taste is unpalatable and the stench unbearable yet they have no choice but to declare that the soup is, like the curate’s egg, “good in parts”.

Cheers Comrades

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  1. Ray Dixon says:

    No, Iain, what you’ll see is Gillard outed by her own party. It’s just a matter of when and by whom. They cannot go to the next election with her in charge and they know it.

    Btw, what’s with the Wikipedia-styled hyperlinks dotted throughout your post? Thanks, but we know where Queensland is – it’s the place where it always rains.

  2. Iain Hall says:

    The links are a composition option but you may be right that its a bit much sometimes.
    That said I tend to think that you are right about Gillard being knifed by her own the question is the will be “Et tu Kevin” or not?

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