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Queensland Labor logo now little

This year promises to be a big year in Queensland politics. In the first half of the year there’s the Brisbane Council elections and a state government election due, and there’s still a small possibility that the current federal government could collapse in the second half of the year.

I know for a fact that at least some Labor operatives believe in promoting the party’s candidates without much mention of Labor when the ALP’s brand is not popular. So I was very interested to see this flyer for the local elections arrive in my mailbox.

Note also that the candidate's email address and the campaign's website are all in the candidate for lord mayor's name rather than anything to do with the ALP.

This would seem to confirm what many here suspect: that Labor is currently on the nose in the Sunshine State and will likely to thrashed in both the State and local elections, not to mention the federal election due next year.

This trend started a few years ago, when the conservatives came closer to winning office in that state election than the three state elections before it. The following year, Queensland swung hard against Labor federally, delivering the vast majority of seats in the state to the LNP. If it was up to Queensland, Juliar Gillard, Kevin Rudd and the rest of federal Labor would have been relegated to Opposition nearly two years ago.

That’s not to say of course that Queenslanders are usually ill-disposed to Labor. The ALP has won every election in this state since 1989, and governed for all but two years in that period. And of course, it was the Pineapple State that delivered for Kevin Rudd in 2007 in what was a massive swing towards Labor that year.

In terms of the state election, there’s no doubt that the government’s longevity is one of its biggest electoral problems in spite of the fact that the government hasn’t been too bad. But many voters would still be angry with the fact that Anna Bligh promise not to privatise before the last election, and subsequently did so, in spite of Bligh’s strong performance during the floods. And of course, the electorate is currently in love with Campbell Newman, who is running from Premier from outside the Parliament.

As I said, it’s going to be a big year for politics in the Sunshine State.


  1. Iain Hall says:

    Gee Leon you are right blink and you would miss the ALP logo entirely!
    You are also right about it being a big year for politics here in the sunshine state, unless you are a member of the ALP in which case it will be annus Horribilis

  2. Leon Bertrand says:

    I also note that the website http://raysmith.com.au/ only contains the ALP logo buried at the very bottom. You have to look very hard to find it.

  3. Iain Hall says:

    Its even more marked when you watch his youtube vid embedded on the page you link to Leon his Labor affiliation is literately only there for the shortest possible time at the beginning and then only as text without the Logo.

  4. Leon Bertrand says:

    It’s funny how Labor no longer seems proud to be Labor.

  5. Ray Dixon says:

    I dunno, Leon. The LNP in Queensland are so inept that it’s still possible they’ll find another way to lose the unloseable election. Like last time. Labor’s had 23 years in power up there – as long as the Liberals had federally under Menzies et al from 1949 until 1972 – and still, all you can offer up as an alternative Premier is a little runt who’s not even a member of Parliament yet? Says a lot about the quality of conservative politicians in Qld. And if they win, well, what will it mean to the rest of Australia? Zero.

  6. T.O.I. says:

    There is nothing more embarrassing for Qld Labor than this:

  7. Leon Bertrand says:


    Your comment about the QLD LNP being inept was true 5 years ago. However their 2009 campaign was far better than previous ones, and as a result they got closer than in the three previous elections, even though the QLD voters were less disillusioned with the government than in 2006, when the Dr Death scandal erupted and Gordon Nuttall resigned from parliament because he was being invesigated by the Crime and Misconduct Commission.

    Campbell Newman running for Premier from outside parliament is unique and risky. However, the gamble seems to be paying off so far.

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