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Crash bandicoot culpability, or stickers for safety

I have a certain amount of respect for anyone who cycles for fitness and health but by the same token I am rather unflinching in my belief that as a class of road users cyclist are very often a bunch of unmitigated whiners who want the whole world to bend over backwards to indulge them.  Take the issue of some rather stupid stickers that are being promoted as something to save cyclists from their own stupidity:

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I was a motorcyclist for nearly thirty years and during that time I did my share of “traffic filtering” but I always did it at a most modest pace well aware of the risks that a motorist may at any time do something unexpected. Yet cyclists seem to think that the whole of the motoring public is obliged to bend-over backwards to allow them to behave irresponsibly by riding fast between lanes of traffic on busy city streets. Frankly if cyclists are at risk of running into opening doors and that want the Nanny state to protect them then the solution is to make them stick to the same traffic lanes as cars and to criminalise their mad  traffic filtering behaviour.

I seems to me that a better way to save cyclists lives with stickers would be to provide “kill stickers” like those added to fighter planes to remind the Loonies in Lycra that they disrespect the dangers of the roads at their own peril and that ultimately the person responsible for their safety on the road is themselves rather than the innocent motorist who just happens to open the door of their car while some lycra clad  loonie  is treating the space between traffic lanes as their own private race track.

Cheers Comrades.


  1. Ray Dixon says:

    Our local council (Alpine) is promoting awareness of cyclists by putting up signs on the Great Alpine Road that read “Cyclists. Share the road”. It’s ambiguous but it’s aimed at car drivers and the message is we should “share the road” with cyclists. Pretty hard to do on a bend with double lines and no shoulder on the narrow road, which is the case in a lot of places. And pretty hard to cop when running parallel with the road just 30 to 40 metres away is a fully sealed 100 km long ‘rail trail’ designated specifically for cycling. Apparently the ‘serious’ cyclists won’t use the rail trail because it means they have to ‘share’ it with slower/social riders. So we should ‘share the road’ with these people then, riding two abreast around a bend? Huh?

  2. Iain Hall says:

    share the bull bar sounds good to me Ray 😉

  3. GD says:

    I like the the ambiguity of that sign, even though it was obviously unintentional. Riding two abreast shows that many cyclists don’t give a f*ck about ‘sharing’ the road.

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